Some remedies that work in treating belching


- Eating slowly or have small meals
- Avoiding chewing gum and carbonated drinks
- Excessive consumption of onions and chocolates may also cause burping.Avoid such foods
- Avoid alcohol especially among individuals suffering from chronic belching or excessive belching
- Reducing stress, following exercise tips from medical practitioners and inducing relaxation can help treat belching

Some foods may initiate the belching process such as milk and sugars.
- Certain types of vegetables and fruits containing a particular type of starch are not well digested by the stomach but are effective tools to treat bacteria in the stomach such as: beans, lentils, cabbage, bananas, apricots, prunes, onions and sprouts. It is advisable to avoid such vegetables and fruits to prevent belching.
- Foods made from whole grains may also cause gas and consequent belching or burping.