Speed camera’s are for control of people?


Speed camera’s are for control of people?
May 18th, 2009 in Breaking News, Commentaries
Fury as Hanworth speed camera rakes in £1m
- Hounslow Chronicle.

A TEMPORARY speed camera in Hanworth has been named as Britain’s highest-grossing – bringing in fines of almost £1m in just six months.

16,213 motorists – which equates to more than 100 a day – were caught breaking the temporary 30mph restriction imposed on the A316 Country Way between June and November last year.

The road usually has a 50mph limit but average speed cameras were operating during roadworks at the site to improve signage, street lighting and resurface the road.

The 30mph restriction has been criticised by motorists who say the limit was too drastic a slowdown just a few hundred metres after coming off the busy 70mph M3 motorway.

John Reddy, who lives in nearby Feltham Hill Road and uses the road daily, said: “I can understand putting speed cameras in where the roadworks are causing a lot of disruption, but here during much of the day the traffic could flow easily and the lanes were comfortably wide enough.

“As for the £1m, I would dearly like to know where that money’s going. It sounds like it was a six month cash cow to me.”

The camera caught 11,010 motorists breaking the limit heading out of the capital and another 5,203 heading into London but has now been removed as the roadworks have been completed.

However, in its six month stint, with a normal speeding offence resulting in a £60 fine and three points it means the camera site was responsible for £973,000 worth of fines and almost 50,000 penalty points.

The introduction of the 30mph limit sparked outrage on drivers web forums, with motorists describing it as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘a joke’.

Gaza wrote on Peepipoo.com in October: “I went through there last week. 30mph on such a wide, open road seems like walking after coming off the M3.”

Sources: Fury as Hanworth speed camera rakes in £1m - Hounslow Chronicle
Fury as Hanworth speed camera rakes in £1m - Hounslow Chronicle