1. Truth Vibrations

    New! "Alternate Viewpoint Canceling Headphones"

    New "alternate viewpoint canceling headphones" protect "safe space" SJWs from other people's opinions. Why live in constant fear of beliefs and interpretations different than your own? There's a better way!
  2. Lionnessalone

    [Update!] spirit animal or bad omen?

    I had a dream last night that I was a wolf, at first I was in an abandoned building full of old work benches and tools, I assumed I was in an abandoned warehouse. I kept trying to leave, and escape, at first I thought I was alone but I wasn't. There was a woman there and she was trying to fight...
  3. 100th Monkey

    Alien UFOs exist, and this is why our government won't disclose them

    This is a good read: By Inelia Benz: Source: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/94-june-2014/448-alien-ufos-exist-and-this-is-why-the-government-wont-let-you-know-about-them.html
  4. 100th Monkey

    Comet ISON - The BOY WHO CRIED WOLF or did he?

    More fear porn?
  5. White Rabbit

    How They Control us!

    This movie is as relevant today as it was way back in 1939: Stop living in fear!
  6. longhorn

    [Inspiring] 99% of this whole game called life. Overcoming fear is one of the keys!

    When I was brand new and getting NO results and just learning to lay down my online foundation... ...an online millionaire shared this teaching with me... ...and it totally changed the game for me. I'm going to "pay it forward" by sharing it with you here in this message... :) Most...
  7. Truth Vibrations

    The Potentiality Of Love

    Posted 19th March 2012 by Eva Moore. To begin I want to apologize for my silence. It has been a bizarre adventure period for Eva and I. We have not been together since August 20th. On March 20th it will be 7 months since I was last able to BE near Eva in 3D context. The resistance that we have...
  8. Lady of Light

    [Channeled] Taking Risks: You Have Nothing To Lose But Fear - Lady of Light - September 21, 2012

    Lady of Light September 21st 2012 Unhypnotize.com There are times in your life when you just have to get over your fear and just take the chance. What's the worst that could possibly happen? If you don't try, you'll never know. If you don't ASK you will never know. What have you got to...
  9. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - Empathy ....CEASEFIRE!!

    Consciousness does not do fear - mind does fear. To fight means you are in danger of becoming that which you fight.
  10. 100th Monkey

    Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear

  11. Unhypnotized

    We're Not Afraid Anymore - Eminem Featuring David Icke and Bill Hicks

    No more fear of authority - come on, let's go. Source: http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/45100-were-not-afraid-anymore-eminem-featuring-david-icke-and-bill-hicks
  12. U

    How to deal with menopause?

    Many women live with a phobia of some troublesome symptoms about menopause. They develop fear of cancer at this age. How to deal with this phobia and overcome your fear about menopause?
  13. CASPER

    Fight Fear

    Fight Fear V - Vanquish Fear and Panic The greatest enemies in a combat, survival and/or evasion situation are fear and panic. If uncontrolled, they can destroy your ability to make an intelligent decision. They may cause you to react to your feelings and imagination rather than to your...
  14. R

    Neale Donald Walsch Discusses The Emotion Of Fear

    Neale Donald Walsch Discusses The Emotion Of Fear Tuesday, March 3, 2009 The definition of fear: the idea that it is not possible to get what we think we need. Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the bestsellers The unusual conversation with God and a new conversation with God...
  15. day

    Quotes of Inspiration and Success

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Bill Cosby