Spokane: Global warming hysteria dying amid record cold, record snowfall, and early f


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Tom Nelson
Friday, Oct 9th, 2009

This week: Polar front bringing wind, record lows | Spokane

In Spokane, the forecast for Friday calls for a high of 43. The record low maximum is 45 for the day. Early Saturday, the forecasted low of 19 would break the previous record of 25. That pattern should repeat itself for Saturday and Saturday night.

Oct ‘07: Spokane: Mayoral candidates in full debate mode

They fought over who was first on global warming. Hession noted he was “the first mayor in Eastern Washington” to sign on to a resolution calling for global protection and was named to a panel by the governor. Verner shot back that the City Council beat him to the punch, passing a quality-of-life resolution even earlier, adding “I’m really pleased that Mr. Hession has decided to get involved.” To which Hession replied: “The quality-of-life resolution was drafted by my office and handed to her.”

September 23, 2008–early frost hits Spokane again

According to the National Weather Service, the average date of the first frost in Spokane over the past 127 years has been October 7. For the last 30 years, that average date has been October 3. Last year, it was September 29. The low temperature this morning in Pullman was 32° Fahrenheit. At the National Weather Service office in Spokane, it was 29° F.

I’m seeing a trend here, and it ain’t global warming.

March ‘09: Spokane sets record for snowiest winter ever

This is the second-consecutive heavy winter in Spokane. Last year, more than 92 inches of snow fell on the Lilac City, third most since records started in 1893.

May ‘09: An interview with Spokane city council member Nancy McLaughlin | Inlander

Nancy McLaughlin has heard just about enough of global warming. The Spokane city councilwoman doesn’t believe in it and last week voted against a plan put forth by Mayor Mary Verner angling the city toward a more sustainable future. She was in the minority along with Bob Apple, who opposed the plan mainly because there was too much political contention surrounding it.

Aug ‘09: Council candidates split on global warming’s cause

Just 4 of 12 think humans have significant impact