Strange But True: Alien Contact Through Dreams


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I saw a lucid dream today in the afternoon, as it seemed so real. I saw that I am at some open area or place which sounds out of the world. In front of me it was a very tall tripod style building with squared shaped black tinted windows evenly distributed. its sight was so amazing and bizzare that i kept watching it for long time in my dream. The exciting view was that the one side of area got snow while the other was purely dry. The huge wire was attached to the building embracing the chairlifts. i ran excitedly on the snow and keep watching that enigmatic building along with moon and stars as it was pure black night. But the sight of that building (tripod style) and its unbelievable height kept me watching it as it sounds like that the building was part of extraterrestrial beings. There was no one there except me. The building was not illuminated nor the ground but there waa some light like a usual lamps in which i can saw that building and area.

When i finally woke up from my dream i felt so relaxed and kept imagining that dreamy sight of that building and the scenario where one part of earth was completley covered with snow and tge other was completely dry. It was so amazing scenery I ve seen in a dream.

Would you like to tell if this dream was some special dream?


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I totally agree with this statement, it seems when I started to let go of the fear of the unknown more experiences started happening to me. It gave me inner peace and I began to see the world in a deeper meaning. It reminds me of a story I read awhile back where a scientist in japan had two groups focused on 2 icy objects, where one group would give off negative energy towards it saying things like I hate you, etc. With the other group focused with positive thoughts towards a different icy object (could have been a snowflake, I can't remember exactly) but the object focused with negative energy started to melt and distort, while the object flooded with positive energy stayed solid.

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Alien Dream
I wrote this dream after I woke up and i want to find out more about it, i can not stop thinking about him

I was in a house, there was like a party or small get together going on, derek was there, heather was there, and I can’t remember the rest, anyways 2 aliens were there, showed up as greys kinda but we’re green, they weren’t to much shorter than me, they could shape shift, I remember talking to one, I can’t recall what we were talking about at that time, I know it was something to do with space, next thing I know the house started moving but you couldn’t feel it moving, and we were orbiting around the planets before I knew it, looking out the window of a house in outer space, I remember the colors, they were so vibrant, and bright, almost blinding, Saturn had the most beautiful rings, we seen Mars, I don’t remember seeing earth but I think we did, and I think we seen the sun too, then I remember sitting on the bed with the skinny shape shifter, his friend in human form, was a little chunky, while me and JF (his initials ) were talking his friend shape shifts into a rabbit, then a dog, then he just leaves, we don’t see him for awhile, so we’re talking and I remember asking him if we could make babies, he gets out a book and it has pictures of different species of aliens, some I barely remember( it’s like their pictures were engraved in my memory or something cause I will notice them on TV during alien shows, and the shows say they are bad guys, which JF said they weren’t nice but they knew how to manipulate you or something like that) anyways, there was about 100 different species, and JF said he couldn’t reproduce this book was the aliens who could, I remember feeling sad, he seemed sad, I think we had a small emotional moment, idk what happened after that, the next thing I remember is were walking on a street, JF is in disguise, and we’re walking by something that involves fire fighters cause they were everywhere but idk if it was a building fire or what, but JF didn’t want anybody to see him, I forgot why, I think he would have been in trouble being seen with me, idk, next thing I know his friend runs up and says they have to go, his friend dressed as a firefighter, then they leave. I go home and get on facebook to try and find anything to do with him , I was trying to remember his name, all I could get was the first name started with a J and his last name started with a F so I call him JF. I remember finding somebody on fb but I can’t remember if it was him or his friend, all I remember is I was sad I left with so many questions. I still remember what he looks like.


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Hi Lady of Light! Well I'm just going to jump right into it. I believe in life outside of earth %100. Always have, always will. I also believe that some are here on earth essentially watching over us. I believe there are all different shapes and sizes. One's that look similar to us, and one's we cannot imagine. I have so much information that I have recently learned that I'm going to explode! I'm an artist, so a lot of that information will be channeled into my art and hopeful enlighten and help others who might be experiencing the things I experience and also just for my own release. 😊😊

Anyways, on to the dream!

"I was sitting in a bed having a conversation with Kevin (old high school classmate) and I was in a room that was a part of a sky ship. It was sunny with clouds and I felt at peace. He told me he spoke pei pei. It was a language in china. We just sat there and had the most wonderful conversation and then all of a sudden these men in these flying things appeared at the window and they projected something in my face that would make me pass out, but they had a comforting energy and I felt safe, so I let it happen. when I came to, I was in a wheel chair and I was being wheeled into an elevator. Somehow I knew the elevator usually went up but this one went sideways through the walls. Someone was talking to me telepathically, guiding me through everything that I was feeling, telling me I'd be okay and that when the elevator moved sideways between the wall it would be hard for me to breathe for a second, but that once I finally got to the destination, I'd be able to breathe comfortably. In my dream I finally got to what looked like a hospital room. I know I was in a ship because we were in the sky and it was beautifully sunny outside. Someone was in the bed in front of me sleeping, but I couldn't see. I felt like I was coming out of anesthesia and I tried to make out the language of the nurse that had just walked in. She was holding a baby I think and was smiling and cooing the baby. It was a language I had never heard before. Everyone in the room was of east asian ethnicity except the nurse. There was a young woman in the bed next to me who was from china and then there was a young man around my age who was from korea adjacent to me. His mother was sitting next to his hospital bed. The same man who was guiding me before told me telepathically that he was my brother. Not that it matters, but I am caucasian. He was adorable. When the voice told me that information, the korean guy heard and we stared at each other with a confused look on our faces. The people who took me had blue eyes and blonde hair. There was only one male on the right that I could see and He was wearing a baseball cap, but I think that was for my sake, so that I'd think he was human and that I'd feel comfortable. He looked human, but very striking. And a flash was obstructing my vision before I blacked out. Back to the room in the ship, I had a night gown on, like a hospital gown that only came down to my upper thigh. In the beginning I was waiting for Kevin, I knew he was coming, it was like waiting for an old friend and once he did come, I felt so comfortable and we talked like we were the best of friends. It was a long conversation, full of smiling and laughter at some points, and then other parts of the conversation, I would just listen and pay attention to what he was saying. Give him full attention. When the beings came, he saw them too, and we both understood what was about to happen although I didn't see him when I was in the hospital wing. I still have that young man's face in my head. He looked like he was coming too when I noticed him. I had been looking around as much as possible, trying to take in my surroundings and to figure out where I was and who these people were. The nurse I know was not human, but the people in the beds were. The young man, I do not know what his name was, but he looked at me as if he knew me and that we were suppose to meet in real life maybe. I remember once I got into the hospital room, I could instantly breathe better, but it was still a little difficult to breathe. Almost like the transition between someone who lives in the mountains and how thin the air is up there. The ship I was in felt like it was high in sky and that was why, but also, it felt like a different planet. I had an out of body experience at one point. I could see myself passing out from whatever light was being projected in my eyes.
Some invisible force was wheeling me away, but maybe it was because I just hadn't looked behind me."

I wrote this as soon as I woke up because I had a feeling I'd forget it. I'm someone who has very strong vivid dreams almost every night. I've had night terrors before. I've had dreams that had E.T's ( I honeslty hate using that term, makes them seem not like us. Physically they are different yes, and evolved they are, but essentially they project love just like we do) in them before and I knew it was just a dream, but trust me when I tell you, this was not just any dream. The feeling I had when I woke up is honestly something that human words cannot express. I can differentiate this easily from anything I've ever experienced, and as of late, I've had similar dreams with very strong feelings within the past year. I know they communicate with me and the one's I have encountered, have been very loving, but that's because I only put out positive vibrations when I want to make myself known to them. Only light, nothing negative.


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So funny...I love all you guys!! Sooo I have had an E.T. (meaning not of Earth) friend with me since I was born.

But in 2010/begining 2011 I saw my first Grey. I was laying down...they were doing something medical to me. I was not frightened. He told the other one when I became conscious, that they only had 30 minutes. Or maybe he was talking to me...not sure. When I woke up I was looking for them because I KNOW they were there.
Soon after I dreamed of their ship...possibly before. Who knows! 😄

Fast forward to a 2 months ago or so....I was telling myself I am ready for face to face contact, but eased into it. Like someone else said, I would have freaked out if I had of seen one. Sooo he came to visit me in my half awake half asleep state. Standing near my hallway. I felt the "awareness of awareness" between us. He is Sirian. Child height, bald, a mix of blue/gray skin tone, large dark eyes...(like light blue chalk after its been wiped from the blackboard), a blue suit that covered his entire body (except hands..head...feet) as if it were spandex or something that fits like that...but a much stronger material. Almost indestructable fabric is what I am feeling now. He only wanted to let me know he was there. I had asked shortly before for them to show me themselves :)

About 2 nights ago...I was dreaming and I felt the space craft in the sky. For some reason I was scared to acknowledge it, but I calmed myself by remembering they are here to help...they are our family. I looked at the ship and the entire sky in its 20 foot circumfrence illuminated in different colors (like colors of cotton candy).

Other than in dreams I have seen the ships in the sky above my house many many times and one of the Yahyel ships in a mass sighting.

Light & Love my brothers and Sistars!!


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First, some people are confused with the terms "Vivid Dream" and "Lucid Dream". A Vivid dream means its very vivid, clear and seems very real as to where a Lucid dream is having a dream, being aware you are dreaming while having it.
I'm just now looking into all of this because it has taken me almost 60 years to finally dare to think there may be something to all of this.

Iv only had one or two actual Lucid dreams in my lifetime but thousands upon thousands of vivid dreams about aliens from the sky since I was a tiny child.
I had fully awake night terrors, seeing things no one else sees's. My sleepless parents' being up with me all night while I screamed and cried in terror.
Those stopped as I got older but the nightmares and dreams have come back full force.

A lot of times as I'm dreaming them I feel very familiar with whats going on. Like this has happened so many time yet when I wake up I don't remember having that dream before.

Last night was no different. Its stated with lights from the night sky. Turned into a long very vivid dream with a being that seemed to be very nice and kind but me knowing him well and knowing he really was not.
Him showing me movies of my planet in parrel. Showing me cool things like standing on a what turns out to be a cliff looking over (very afraid of heights here) not afraid and soring over the earth. I play along because I dont want him to know I know who he really is because I fear him. I think for the first time last night I realized he was not a real being but some sort of holigram that was controled by a more sinister being. I saw through him at one point and saw the terrifying creature in control like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Ozz. The holigram does speak, Laughs Im not sure about the creature controlling it.
Maybe I didnt realize it in my dream last night for the first time but remember it for the first time. I just know his intent is not good He has shown himself and was trying to fool me. I did edit this a lot because I remember more as I go and I hate to type so the first was rushed and excited to find this place

I always wake up with the feeling how can this be a dream. You cant make this stuff up lol
Anyway nice to meet some of you all and look forward to sharing stories.
I have seen strange things in the sky at times through my life. Yes, I have missing time. All the symptoms. Dreamed about two big owls outside my patio door and the dogs barking at them. I always wake up feeling dread

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Also, this one does not appear to read my mind or at least he does not show he knows what I'm thinking. No experiments on me physically or anything sexual. At least that I remember. I have had so many of them

- - - Updated - - -

I take that back. I do remember to this day a very vivid dream when I was little. Maybe around 5. I'm 59 now so you gotta figure it been a long time but I still remember this dream. I think it may have been when it all started or around that time. There was a round circle of melted snow and me and my sister (a Year Older) walked over it and was instandly transported to this room. Somehow I knew we were underground in what was a very medical looking room. I cant remember what they did to us but it was so real to me I still remember it to this day. I looked for the melted spot in the snow for years after, fearing it
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