1. New UFO Hunter

    Bases 32 Message From a Bottle

    Part 1: Part 2:
  2. T

    [Warning!] ET Contact - ET's want to train me but want me to go through tests.....first....

    I will make this short and simple as possible; I am 21 years old...and in the last year i have been hearing decibels and humming in both of my ears.. I've been going to a psychic place and confirming what's been going on...the high db is my guardian angel the humming and radio frequencies are...
  3. Lady of Light

    30 Traits of Being an Empath

    I found the following quite interesting as I, am an Empath, as well as many other types of psychic. I felt the need to share this because the more people know about these things, the more we can open up to the real world. It can be QUITE difficult at times being empathic, but I wouldn't trade it...
  4. Lady of Light

    [Awesome!] Live Tarot Readings by Lady of Light - Windsor and Essex County

    I have now decided to offer my services live for parties and gatherings in my own area. If you live in Windsor or Essex County, I can come to you for readings. I will work all kinds of parties and gatherings, for example, Birthdays, Barbecues, Stag & Doe, Baby Shower, etc. I will even do...
  5. Unhypnotize

    What is the truth and thing I'm looking for?

    Last week at MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church’s psychic and mediumship development circle, we were asked to practice psychometry on each other. We each hold one item from another person, the one I got was a watch from a lady. Once I closed my eyes and focused on the item, I saw two young...
  6. Denise

    Michael Tsarion's Psychic Vampirism 1 & 2

    This is audio only:
  7. Unhypnotize

    I just come back from a Spiritualist Church

    I just come back from a Spiritualist Church congregation, and I liked it very much. There were 3 stages of the congregation, 1st we had guest speakers, 2nd we had psychic readings, 3rd we had after tea and biscuit. I particularly liked the psychic readings, and I will definitely go back again...
  8. 2

    [Attention] ‘Earth Will Have 15 Minutes To Protect Electronics’

    Well, I don't know about the validity of WND, but . . .could this be an attempt at a False Flag event to take down our power grid, and gain complet control? I have heard of the plasma cloud, and they keep having these warnings off and on about the sun. I jusy wonder, nothing is as it seems is...
  9. Unhypnotize

    Thousands of Books in Disappeared

    Hundreds, if not thousands of books in spirituality, spiritual science, psychics, meditations, ETs… have been removed from the web address - There were couple of directories used to store those books; as I remember, one was called “Ancient Mysteries” or smilar; the...
  10. Unhypnotize

    Who wants to contact a telepathy?

    When I was browsing, I found an interesting comment by user “reda”: “i"m telepath and i have many concluente experiment with a good concentration you can hear my thoughts and i can hear your thoughts so we can discuss with our thoughts. my last concluente experiment i send to my friend a number...
  11. L

    [ALERT!] Psychic Self Defence--Dr Joshua David Stone
  12. Unhypnotize

    What Programs have You Studied?

    I wonder what good spiritual, psychic and OBE programs... have you studied?
  13. 2

    [Attention] 104 Hour Tsunami Warning Close: Celebrity Psychic Mitchell Coombes; 9.5, 9.6, 9.4, 9.4 Earthquakes To Come ‘Within The Same Hour’?

    I have heard of this guy, it's said he predicted the Japanese earthquake. Hope he is wrong about this one, all though, one should have an open mind, and take these predictions/prophecies with a grain of salt, if possible. I think they intend to try to warn people to be prepared and not to...
  14. 2

    Martial law Drills Happening Now What do They know That We Don't

    Now I live in one of these two cities, but was tired Friday night I fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie and didn't wake up until 2 am and heard nothing, I would've heard the choppers normally can always tell the sound of police chopper from a news chopper. Of course, the MSM Tv news didn't...
  15. Lady of Light

    How To Release Your Psychic Potential - Lady of Light - July 21 2012

    Lady of Light July 21, 2012 Releasing Your Inner Psychic: Being psychic, simply put, is being completely in tune with everything around you. Since there are many different aspects to psychic abilities, I will break them down individually as best I can. There will be abilities...
  16. s_coy2005

    Mini psychic reading game.. Great fun!!

    I saw this on another site and i thought it was amazing. I am going to right a prediction about the next person to reply, they will then post back with either TRUE or FALSE. Followed by their prediction for the next person. Lets see how long we can keep this going, if u get ur prediction...
  17. Denise

    Dolores cannon - The earth is being saved by volunteers

    She describes that since the planet earth cannot be interfered with directly many superior vibrational beings made a decision to live life as human beings. Acquiring their remembrances deleted to support the vibration of earth and to assist humans. I wish to hear others viewpoints about this...
  18. Lady of Light

    [Attention] Psychic Counseling Now Availabe (Over 20 Years Experience)

    I am an unlicensed therapist that accepts donations for counseling. I have over 20 years experience. I help individuals, couples, and groups. I can help you work through any and all problems you are having in any area of your life. If you feel troubled and don't know who to talk to, I can lend...
  19. maggador

    [Wow!] External influences on your mind and body

    Details of unseen energies and forces Those in control are using different forms of External Influences against the population. They mainly use spiritual means such as telepathy, and implements thoughts of their own into your mind that you end up believing is your own thoughts, and so on. They...
  20. maggador

    I'm a freemason, rosicrucian, martinist and member of other orders. Ask me questions.

    Since I can't link to my own introduction thread, I will copy what I wrote about myself there and post here (says I got too few posts to post links): Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where...