Sub-Vocal Monitoring (Psuedo-Mind Reading)


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Does it seem unlikely that technology allows people to know what you are thinking by monitoring your subvocal electronic patterns. It seems that when we are hearing someone talk or simply thinking to ourselves that the brain still sends the electronic message to our vocal cords as if we were going to say it out loud. Some people do this more than others. You may notice some people even mouthing the words as they read a book.

This seems like something from a Sci-Fi movie but the fact is this technology was in use and already developed in 2004 as shown by this NASA press release stating this fact.

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Anti Gang Stalking Effort
The past few years have been an eye opening experience to say the least. I am usually a person who follows the Occamm's Razor way of thinking, the simplest answer is usually correct. I started having weird things happen in my life and the simplest answer (I lost my mind) just doesn't fit.

I know this has something to do with my neighbors as it actually occurred to my roommate first. Despite the fact I was in the same home with her, I thought she had gone nuts. She would tell me about what was happening and it baffled me. Soon after she left it started to happen to me.

The very strange thing about this is that she came back for a while and I had forgotten it happened to her. She reminded me and we discussed in length everything having the same experience. Several months later she started thinking it was not happening to me and started having thinking that maybe it had never happened to her.

When reading the MKULTRA directives I see amnesia techniques as one of the areas of exploration. The neighbors who I know are behind this have an Uncle who was an CIA Agent through the 50's.

As soon as I get to my ten posts I will post the audio I have been able to capture, I am sure it is Microwave Voice to Skull, at least it is a strange background noise that is constant only when all of the other symptoms are also having. The audio is recorded when the EMF Radiation Detector is going nuts and not when it is not.