[FYI] Voice to Skull and Remote Ultrasound Mind Reading Technology Provider Discovered


Anti Gang Stalking Effort
I have been gang stalked and had my life destroyed by electronic torture, voice to skull and mind control by a neighbor of mine, actually their 20 year old nephew and his buddies. I have even found them discussing the dialog on their Facebook Page.

I have been able to follow him via his cell phone to a meeting from the midwest to LA and I know for fact that OSI Systems Inc. is manufacturing at least some of the equipment being used for this. They also make TSA body scanners, highway scanners, friend or foe identification systems and other DOD, DHS and public defense items.

In addition I was able to catch an operative with laptop on which was a digital brain with multi colors and other widgets including an EEG readout.

I believe his name is Eugene Garnett Shocks aka Eugene Scroggins, Eugene Garnett but I need a photo of this man to be sure. If anyone has access to records in Continental CO. and could provide a photo for ID it would be great!
I have investigated this further and I am curious how to get some more support in my efforts. I am not guessing at this or following their rabbit trails but rather have direct information on not only the local gang stalking team but on the team that travels around the country setting up for instances like what lead to the Navy Yard incident.

I have been lucky enough to see their little habitual routines intended to make the target look foolish as just that and focused on who was doing what. I would love to get a team together to start collecting information on these people. There are several in the Springfield Missouri Area, Los Angeles Area and the Denver / Aurora area.

If we could focus requests to congress, FBI and other agencies surrounding these individuals then we could crack a technology provider and terror technician for the first time. Learn more at my blog Anti Gang Stalking at sacred-morals.com
I am still searching for some group members who have had enough of this evil torture. I am 100% certain that the Scroggins, Eaton, Caird, Teague, Usery, Cetola, Porter, Williams and McMillan families are heavily involved in these activities. Their kids in their 20s even post on their Facebook about the conversations they act like we have and I have had one of their cell phones hacked for two months insuring that the Scroggins - Shocks connection is OSI System Inc.

To make it worse the Shocks are directly related to Greene County Prosicutor Dan Patterson and after two years of non stop harassment they have pressed harassment charges against me. I am looking for others who are at the point of having enough and wanting to take some revenge on these sick predators!

email me at fightback@sacred-morals.com if you are interested in helping in California (Greater LA), Denver or SW Missouri.