Truth feeder
Hi all

I know there has been quite a lot of discussion about this but most of it goes over my head. We have quite a few reported cases now down here in Dorset, I have heard of many in Cornwall too.

I believe I had swine flue about a month and a half ago. High temp, runny nose, D+V, both ears blocked up, sore tonsils, stomach pains like you wouldnt believe and a total lack of concentration.

I did go to the doctors but was only told that I may need my ears syringed!!!

Twice a day I had 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper and tumeric in a beaker of warm water. By the next morning I felt good, sickness was gone as where the stomach pains. My ears cleared after 3 days and my tonsils decreased in soreness on what seemed an hourly basis.

I now have sore tonsils again, I did immediately start the cayenne and tumeric again and it all seems to be relieveing.

Does anyone else have any kitchen herb remedies they may have used for there ailments?