[Confused!] Terms of Law.


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As a total newbie, I have watched a number of utube and the such , tried a number of sites( Free Man Society , to get NO where) I have listen to terms like "Common Law". Yet when I now try to back check and read for myself, which I feel is my duty to do, due dilagance. I cann't get anywhere.
I look up "Common Law" and get nothing but history of it. So What are the Law? Where are they found?
I am reading the CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982 , it refers to "person" and "citizan. Are these not what Freeman are trying to stay away from?
Am I just looking in the wrong places? What is the overview of this?
As in - I get hurt by someone, I go to the police and lay a complain, are they not charged under the CCofC which is a Code? So if I am getting this whole thing right at all this means if some one hurt me and I want the matter handled under common law , I would have to go to Queens Bench and file a Right of Claim.?????
Some help in the basic line up of the game please.

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It is my understanding that common law encompasses all the Acts, and the terminology within contain the definitions found in Black's Law dictionary. Beyond that, I'm not at all sure how to handle things as a freeman when using the law society's courts and judges. I wish I could help.
It is also my understanding that filing Notice with all parties involved holds up in such jurisdiction if handled in the right manner.