Channeler: Marilyn Raffaelle

August 28, 2011

Greetings dear ones. Once again we of the Arcturian Group are here to speak and tell you of the great light you are bringing to Mother Earth at this time. She is working very hard to do her clearing without harm, but she too is preparing herself for ascension and needs to adjust the energy where necessary.

As with Gaia, we also see you adjusting according to the changes that are taking place on earth. No longer are you so frightened by the many unusual events you hear about because you are beginning to understand what is going on. This understanding is adding to a world consciousness from which all mankind can then draw. Thus your awakening is helping others to awaken–it puts these higher ideas of truth into a universal bank so to speak, that others may draw upon should they choose. All is according to free will, so if an individual chooses to remain in the old energy, that is perfectly fine. However, as the old energy dissolves, its manifestations likewise dissolve, as is the case with your financial system.

We would like to speak of those changes coming so that you will not be in an energy of fear. We see your planet experiencing many weather related changes. We speak of weather that you are not used to, that is warm where usually cold and cold where usually warm and these types of things. You see, all is shifting and changing and weather is a part of it, so be open to events that may come your way even if you are unable to understand them in the light of what is familiar. Everything at this point has a part in the shifting frequencies and is in a state of flux. This is not a bad thing, for you will be happy with many of these changes. Destructive weather patterns will fulfill their purpose and be finished. Many will see their local temperatures change and will wonder about this, however as we have said, everything in and of the earth is now involved in the clearing of old and integration of new frequencies.

The new energies resonate with peace, calm, and joy and are not of anxiety or frustration. Those who are used to functioning solely from lower frequencies will have a hard time being in joy and comfort. But just try it, you will like it. As an individual becomes comfortable within themselves, they no longer need drama and extremes in order to feel alive. Much of this was an effort within the lower frequencies of the third dimension to feel alive, to feel a sense of doing something–the thrill of survival is an energy from long ago although it is still alive and well for many who love extreme activities. The more violent of these will slip away silently and you will find yourselves living more easily and in more joy and you will wonder when it all happened.

Everyone is releasing old memories, old ideas, old hurts and old beliefs. Most can easily clear in a general way, but those bigger pockets of energy buried deep from this or other lifetimes must come to a conscious level to be released. Your job is not to pull painful emotions or beliefs back into your consciousness by saying “Oh I am this” or “I am that”-claiming them for your personal self, but your job is to allow their release, choosing to let them go. These never were yours, but reflect an old state of consciousness you are now leaving.

Speak to your cells and tell them that it is time to release all that is old and finished. Inform them that they will never again need to experience a particular painful energy. Cellular memory holds fear from any and all terrifying events of past lifetimes; memories that you are not consciously aware of. You sense it when you react to certain events or ideas in ways you do not fully understand. Perhaps you were burned at the stake for being a healer and even though you are drawn to healing now, a part of you may shy back and prevent you from pursuing it.–this is cellular memory. When you speak to your cells, they hear you, there is a cellular consciousness.

Make it your intention and a choice (you can do this in your quiet time) to release all heavy or negative energies that may still be resonating within your energy field and ask your Guides and teachers to help you with this. Often memories of past experiences come to a conscious level through dreams because much releasing is done while in the sleep state. You may simply become aware of something needing to be released without any effort on your part or you will observe something in another which in turn triggers a response and then release within self. Energy sessions with an evolved light worker often brings the necessary information to a conscious level. One way or another, most of mankind is now in the process of releasing any and everything that is of the old energy simply because it cannot ascend with you. This is the reason you may often feel sick or tired; ridding yourselves of all that would impede your journey is intense work.

We send love and encouragement to all for we understand that this is indeed a difficult time for many and especially those who have chosen to stay in the old–and who in their ignorance, are trying desperately to recreate that which is dissolving. Everything is energy, which can be of a lower resonance (untruth) or higher resonance (truth/light). Ascension is your free will choice. We are here always to encourage and help as we can, but the effort must be yours. We encourage you to stop looking outside of yourselves for your guidance and answers whether looking to Guides, teachers, religious leaders, government leaders, or anyone else you look to for answers. Your Guides are ever present to offer suggestions and to guide YOUR decisions, but not to tell you what to do as many believe. It is time to come forward and claim your power, which means realizing that help may come through another, but it is your attained state of consciousness of divine completeness that is manifesting as the help. In this way you take back the power you have through ignorance, given to others. You acknowledge that by virtue of your Oneness with Source you are complete and whole and as you attain this state of consciousness, it will translate into what is needed in the outer. We do not say, that is it wrong to consult those who can help, we only say that as you begin to realize who you really are, you begin to trust that the final word can be yours.

We wish to say that all will be presented with experiences that offer the needed opportunities to practice. That is, if needed, women will get opportunities to practice bringing in their male energy (active, be-er, do-or, energy). Men will get opportunities to bring in their feminine aspect (the receptive, intuitive). Try not to look upon these opportunities as problems, but see them for what they are–experiences needed for growth. You who have chosen ascension are getting everything you need to bring it about even though it may seem at times that you are being overwhelmed with “opportunities”. Ask yourself in the midst of some crisis; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way”? This allows you a glimpse into your belief system and will enable you to become aware of and then release all that no longer serves you.

Trust that you are getting guidance. Listen to your intuition, and rest in Center at all times,

All is, was, and ever will be, ONE.

We are the Arcturian Group serving you our brothers and sisters in love. 8/28/11