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Free Energy from Volcanic rocks, Microclusters source of atomic heat energy discovery.

Published on 20 Jul 2012 by magnetvortex

This video was recorded by me "magnetvortex". It's a talk about metal extraction methods and the way some scientists have made significant discoveries that have really profound implications for Humans and energy resources of this planet.
This clip show in a public forum that a potential of infinite energy can be produced by Microclusters which are nano-metals that have really strange properties of some volcanic rocks.. It's the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) that may tip the balance of oil and nuclear power to a clean source of heat through the applications of Hydrogen and in this case volcanic rocks.. This man has melted rocks in the powder form on his hot plate with hydrogen peroxide (lab grade 30%) and created heat of 2800 F with out melting the stainless cooking pot with no extra energy than 100 F. for five minutes. Now if that is not shocking to you then you need a check the price of energy. What it amounts is that this volcanic rock represents 30% of this planet and that is just the surface.. GET IT !! No need for Nuclear power, dirty coal and oil.

THIS IS A GREAT DISCOVERY !! For all people, now this needs to be spread around fast !! PLEASE send this link to all scientists and interested people to create a new energy revolution NOW !!
Al... Please ......

FUEL FREE FOREVER Joe Papp engine effect is validated by a QUANTUM EFFECT

Published on 19 Jul 2012 by magnetvortex
I have NO INTEREST in this company below !!
Here is real proof that "I" Al here in Denver have been able to show that there is indeed a method to the madness that Intelegentry mfg. is on the right track to make the "Noble Gas Motor", and since the Joe Papp patents are expired this technology is now in the public domain...

I have studied this "quantum effect", transmutation of one element into another through a very sharp electro magnetic pulse. THIS IS VERY REAL AND THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD AS OIL AND HYDROCARBON FUELS GO WILL GO AWAY !!

Any one can do this too.. This concept is very simple and the requirement are a basic air compressor and a modification to it.. Please look up the J.Papp patents and study them as the major objective of this discovery is that " Noble gases can be made to expand and contract in a closed container through a magnetic pulse and high voltage" look and study my video clip and down load it as it is in HD. (get FVD suite as it is free it allows you download in HD clips from YouTube.)

Noble gas plasma type motor is a sealed gas chamber, created by the piston, cylinder the chamber, is back filled, and sealed with a noble gas a magnetic pulse trigger is applied which causes the noble gas to expand, turning off and on excitation causes gas to return to a normal state causing partial vacuum and leaving the noble gas ready to cycle again. This cylinder is an air tight seal. This motor does not consume the noble gas and produce heat. There is no coolant needed.

"videos of the Papp Engine as designed by Joseph Papp and manufactured by Rohner Machine Works, for Papp International. This is the engine that was later certified. Most of these people are now dead. "

He also has videos UFOs with a night vision camera as well: