The German writer writes July Zeh Corpus delicti


The German writer writes July Zeh Corpus delicti
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The German writer July Zeh wrote Corpus delicti, a book about the year 2057 the total state control, including health, nutrition and sleep. "The state''says July Zeh, try increasing grip on our lives to get. The smoking ban is just one small example. Worse is that we will soon no longer have contrary ideas. Under the guise of security, the State dissenters interception, isolation and even prosecution. If this development continues with impunity, are we back in the Middle Ages with their witch hunts.''

In Corpus delicti is Mia Holl, a thirty-year woman, before a jury. They are accused of excessive love, excessive intelligence (they think scientifically) and excessive independent thinking. In a society where concern for the body has replaced all the intellectual values, its hazardous properties. The system, known as The Method requires regular sport and subjected to sleep and eetrapportage. The state is literally informed about each step that citizens do.

Corpus delicti is about contemporary issues: the limitation of individual rights by the state and the right to you to oppose it. Writer and lawyer July Zeh is very critical of the rise of the surveillance state. Both in one and the other as they keep working on it. Together with a fellow lawyer, she joined the German Constitutional Court lodged a complaint against the introduction of the biometric passport, which contains a chip which among other fingerprints are stored.

A writer who actually committed to privacy. Get there in the Netherlands but over. With the exception of Karin Spaink dreutelt the rest are mostly politically-correct and happy-with-the-Boekenbal-&-on-to-the-next-signing on loose

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