The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

Thursday, November 12, 2009


(NaturalNews) For the last several years, HPV vaccines have been marketed to the public and mandated in compulsory injections for young girls in several states based on the idea that they prevent cervical cancer. Now, NaturalNews has obtained documents from the FDA and other sources (see below) which reveal that the FDA has been well aware for several years that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has no direct link to cervical cancer.

NaturalNews has also learned that HPV vaccines have been proven to be flatly worthless in clearing the HPV virus from women who have already been exposed to HPV (which includes most sexually active women), calling into question the scientific justification of mandatory "vaccinate everyone" policies .

Furthermore, this story reveals evidence that the vaccine currently being administered for HPV - Gardasil - may increase the risk of precancerous cervical lesions by an alarming 44.6 percent in some women. The vaccine, it turns out, may be far more dangerous to the health of women than doing nothing at all.

If true, this information reveals details of an enormous public health fraud being perpetrated on the American people, Involving FDA officials, Big Pharma promoters, and even the governors of states like Texas. The health and safety or chains or millions of young girls is at stake here, and what this NaturalNews investigative report reveals is that HPV vaccinations may not only be useless Medically, they may also be harmful to the health of the young girls receiving them.

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