The Mary Rose


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Documentary on the remains of Henry VIII's infamous ship, the Mary Rose. Examines not only the structure of the ship and the artefacts left behind, including the skeletons, but also attempts to identify what life was like on the ship.

It is not definitely known when and where the Mary Rose was constructed. The Mary Rose may have been one of the ships mentioned in a warrant to John Dawtry for the construction of two ships in 1510. There is also evidence that the ship was constructed at Portsmouth due to payments being made to convey two ships from Portsmouth to the Thames in 1511.

The ship is believed to have been named partly after Henry's sister, Mary, and the Tudor emblem of the rose. This has led the actual Mary Tudor to be popularly nicknamed 'Mary Rose' or 'Mary Rose Tudor'. Whilst this makes her easier to distinguish from her niece, she was never called 'Mary Rose'.

The Mary Rose website discusses in detail the sinking itself and the various reasons for this attributed by contemporaries:

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