[Question?] The Retail "Savings" Cards


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I've been mening to start a discussion on this for awhile now,ever since Walgreeens came up with their version.

I've avoided these things like the plague for while,as I believe (my own personal belief) at the very basic level they're an intrusion on you're right to privacy. It's bad enough the banks have to know what you buy. I've worked in both retail and in marketing and for the most part it's a come on to get you're demographics so they can try to "tempt" you with more buying, in other words a gimmick.

But on the dark side of the idea, I've also heard it explained like this Supercomputer in Belgium, keeping track of everything you buy, I suppose it would include debit card purchases. Anyway I googled the terminology and cme up with two view points one a Christian way of thinking (which could've been that way before the creation of RFID's the other the Illuminati, I could see leaning more toward this idea, what do you think?