[Attention] The Second Coming of Christ who is also the Antichrist has arrived!

"I repent to the technological god that is monitoring and archiving all of us. I self promoted myself on this message board and plenty of other message boards. On this particular site, I made up a stupid pseudonym, used a message board that doesn't relate to my interests and responded foolishly to the responses on this topic, so I could fool everyone into thinking that it wasn't me who made this thread. I asked the administrators and moderators to remove this thread so I could get rid of the evidence of my attention seeking, but they refused to do so. Since the internet is permanent and rethinking isn't possible I'd like to say hello to the people who aren't born yet who are going to have computers implanted in them. Hello, I am dead and you and all of humanity will eventually die too; I did not have delusions of grandeur if you are reading this. My motive for pooping on a cross naked was gaining fame, fortune and a better sex life. There you go technological god; I do believe I searched for Pokemon characters around the time Google first came out. That was me who entered the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA and said hello to all the workers in their cubicles while drinking the coffee that I took from their cafeteria. That was me who broke my laptop with a baseball bat in front of Google in Irvine, CA. That was me who said hello to the workers at Facebook in Palo Alto, CA. That is me who searches for "I know you can see all of my searches" on Google, Bing and Yahoo. That was me who waved at all the computers and phones in the Macintosh store. That was me who waved at all the computers, phones and the Kinect for Xbox 360 in the Microsoft store. That is me who texts "I know you can see all of my texts and hear my phone calls" to myself so that the Government can view it. That is me who waves at the urinal sensors whenever I use the restroom. That is me with the mental surveillance sticker on top of my car. That was me who used my mother's iPhone to masturbate a few times. This is me typing this at Starbucks on their Wi-Fi. Release everything you can about me, I no longer have anything to hide and believe me I remember almost all of the embarrassing things I've done on (and off) the computer through the past 15 years. I want all the publicity I can get so I can gain money to direct a film starring Norberto Avalos from Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator and so I can fuck many prostitutes in The Netherlands. Technology is taking over Religion, it took shitting on a cross naked and using the computer afterwards for me to fully comprehend technology's capabilities. "Jesus" died for your "sins"; I am sacrificing myself and I am willing to accept embarrassment to increase awareness. Do whatever you can to take me down, call me an attention seeker in front of a camera or on your blog, it will only further justify pooping on a cross and it will reveal what technology is all about. Think before I post? Think before you make the internet motherfuckers. I am no longer a part of your experiment..unless you wanted me to post this.

Regarding the pseudonym mrhankey666 and the thread I made over a year ago. I do not believe in Satan and I don't watch South Park. A friend told me about the Jonas Brothers episode. I don't dislike South Park."