1. D

    Major Conspiracies Linked Together Through Subtle “Clous”

    Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan — Can a conspiracy lead to more conspiracies? Researchers conjoin a resounding yes. Studies relate once a person believes in a conspiracy, a belief in more follows. Yet, this correlate associates independent on belief. Often dependent upon circumstances, such simple...
  2. Lady of Light

    Portal Closing Spell For Those Who May Need It

    I was asked not too long ago for a spell to close a portal that was causing someone a lot of problems. So, I came up with this method which I will provide a link to. Please note, it is not a completely written out 100% ready to use spell. Like most of the spells I give out, this is a guide for...
  3. 2

    [Question?] I hope that I never

    I hope I never give a link that spams as I don't wish to be banned here. Take it from me I wouldn't know exactly how to do that, I didn't even know that it could be done that way. Is there away to tell it does that so I can avoid it?
  4. 2

    [Video] What's going on in Anaheim an UPDATE

    My thanks again to Denise she gave me the idea. Anyway she was right seems to be on Youtube certainly not the MSM. Here is the link. Anaheim must really be a rough place to live. There are more vids on Youtube.
  5. New UFO Hunter

    UFO over Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    People who saw it in the city said it was a UFO and they saw it for a week in February 2012. Link:
  6. 100th Monkey

    a good resource free eBook

    Here is a link I found to some free eBooks, seems to be a good resource.
  7. Denise

    WiReD: The Arsenic Diet

    Breast feed your children, Not only is it better for the child but also emotionally connects the mother and the child which allows the child being more emotionally balanced as an adult. In late May, the organic baby formula maker Nature’s One announced a goal of ”zero arsenic” in its...
  8. Denise

    Altered images shows you just how fake photos are - before and after

    Here is a great example of how we are being brain washed by the images we see in magazine and TV that have be digitally touched up. Click the link below for a before and after images.
  9. 100th Monkey

    Meet Your Strawman! (or person)

    The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom. Please spread and upload with credits intact also link back to our channel if you do. Hi-res and mobile...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    Elongated Cone Head Skull From Nazca Peru 17 08 2011

    Look at this video footage...its incredible! Furthermore, look at the other videos from brienfoerster, online and also the last link released below this you tube vid. Enjoy! Source:
  11. New UFO Hunter

    Footage from the UFO archives

    Take a look at this persons video footage within the archives. I have in addition put thumbnail link below. Thumbnail link: Have fun!
  12. Denise

    Web Bot interview

    Rather lengthy, but covers many subject matter many of us talk about right here at UHF LInk
  13. M

    [Attention] The Second Coming of Christ who is also the Antichrist has arrived!

    The Second Coming of Christ who is also the Antichrist has arrived! Link:
  14. Unhypnotized

    David Icke & Stewart Swerdlow - Mind Control & Programmed Beliefs

    A video by Jay4louise This is the link to send ...
  15. Unhypnotized

    Danger of Genetically Modified Foods with Dr. OZ

    Youtube Dec 30, 2010 For years, scientists have been cross-breeding plants and animals to create the most desirable traits for our food. For example, the Golden Delicious apple is merged with the Kid’s Orange-Red breed of apple to create the particular flavor and heartiness of the Gala...
  16. Unhypnotized

    What The Bleep Do We Know: Down The Rabbit Hole ( Full Length Movie )

    Interviews with scientists and authors, animated bits, and a storyline involving a deaf photographer are used in this docudrama to illustrate the link between quantum mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and day-to-day reality. Part 1 is here...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    'Captive Alien' Film Revealed

    It's a fraud, outed by it's creator, a Brazilian CGI artist. Here's the link to his revealing video:
  18. Unhypnotized

    Vaccine Victims Watch List

    I'm buidling this list of links. I'm not sure why I'm doing it but anyway... "Victim" is a loose word for deaths, adverse reactions, forced to, wrong dose/vaccine. If you have a link you can post it here. If you have a story, write it here and I'll add the link to your post here. The list is...
  19. Unhypnotized

    The Maya Of Eternal Time - Drunvalo Melchizedek

    This is a link to a video of Drunalov Melchizedek which I think is the most important video I`ve ever watched! it really blew me away! He has been talking to the mayans and hopis - and other tribes in the world to learn about "the old world" and how we all are dependent on each other to be able...
  20. R

    Illuminati secrets 1 to 13

    This will start you off the rest is on the link.