The Vinny Eastwood Show with Guy and Linda of the Family Taylor


Truth feeder
February 8th, 2011 03:59 AM

'Guy & Linda Taylor are at the forefront of Lawful Rebellion in the UK, in particular their fight against Council Tax. Having put up such strenuous opposition (over a number of months), and also having had a small amount of feedback from acquaintances within the Court System, they decided to put in a Subject Access Request - under the Freedom of Information Act - to the Local Council.

What they was received back was (literally) REAMS of valuable information - including internal e-mails - which set Guy & Linda rolling on the floor laughing. Put simply: No-one in the Council, its Legal Department, or its outside Legal Service, has a clue how to handle them, or what to do!

Furthermore they now have ample evidence to proceed 'aggressively' with Commercial Liens against certain key individuals (who are hung by their own words).'

Interview commences around 5mins 50 secs into the podcast

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