Top Ten Things The NWO Forgot When Planning World Takeover

Lady of Light

I'm not sure whom authored it, nevertheless i thought you'd obtain a kick from this.

Number 10 - There are more than a million of us for each one of you, and we don't really like you very much- because you keep trying to kill us.

Number 9 - We know how desperate you are to appear like you are actually still in control of the situation.

Number 8 - Despite many years of effort on your part to stamp us out, we are *ahem* still here, and growing exponentially.

Number 7 - We can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your multi- million-dollar EMF mind control technology with 25-cent devices that a ten year old kid can build.

Number 6 - Your system is not sustainable. We sometimes enjoy watching the contortions you go through trying to keep it up and running, but lately we are getting hungry and that makes our BS detectors more active.

Number 5 - Everything you have depends entirely on us, since you guys usually can't even locate the 'on' switch. So, even if you push 'the button,' WE still have to push SEVERAL THOUSAND MORE buttons in order for anything to happen. Most likely, when you tell us to 'look sharp,' we will just crack a beer and fart.

Number 4 - In order for people to be good zombies, they have to be fully aware of what you are doing, in order to successfully pretend they don't know.

Number 3 - Punishment loses its effectiveness with overuse, and you are WAAAY past the point of overuse.

Number 2 - Nobody actually believes clouds are long straight lines that come out of airplanes.

Number 1 - There is a God. (see universe for reference.)

S incerely, Citizen of the World.