TV is a Psycho-Social Weapon


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08-10-2010 05:14 AM

'I think most right thinking people are agreed that physical effects aside, the content of the majority of TV programming today (I emphasise the word programming, a process that involves a passive receptor of information) is designed to instil a social worldview and value system that is self-centric and is in fact the opposite of what a healthy and enduring society requires.* Individualism at any cost rules the day and it is more and more evident that empathy for one’s fellow citizen and a sense of personal responsibility are rapidly vanishing along with the morality that all healthy civilisations have known to be necessary for survival.'

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I think TV is spoiling not only natural world of our children but also degrading moral values of our society. But we can't blame science for this as everything can be used constructively or destructively.


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I think that we should not overestimate the influence of the TV on the people. Of course the influence of the TV to the brains of the people is very big. But cool minded intellectual people understand that it is a simple show and nothing more.


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Yes blame it all on TV. How about people take some responsibility on themselves. No one makes us watch T.V. In fact many people use it as a free babysitter to take care of the kids so they don't have to. It is probably a good thing that cable television is getting so expensive, it cuts down on viewers, but then there is the internet which is another can of worms.


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I also think that watching TV ruins a lot of creative thinking. But like the others said, especially with children--television is not a babysitter. I don't watch as much television as I did before, just because I could actually feel my eyes glazing over and feeling somewhat hypnotized while watching TV. I've actually gotten myself back into the habit of reading books.