I Am A Targeted Individual


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I am new to the forum, I found the website today while trying to find information about what I have been going through. Without a doubt I am being targeted. It all began a few months back. I had always believed in extra-terrestrials and life in the universe. Ever so often googling any recent news on the subject, then a few months back I started reading about government false flags, 9/11 cover up, and The NWO. I also wanted to know about what type of life exists out there, coming to the realization that the universe is abundant with many different type of sentient beings and intertwined with our own in other dimensions. I came to believe after researching this that we each are connected to everyone and everything that exists... that no one is ever lost. That through light and love you can tap into your own physic awareness. I practiced this with mind exercises, and things started to make sense to me... fitting like a puzzle. I started smiling at everyone I seen... showing them love through positive energy. I had never been so happy. One day I found this remote viewing website, where you would focus on 4 letters and concentrate on what you are feeling and seeing. I had incredible success doing this, it was so intense it shifted me to this absolute belief that we all were connected and could access information at any time. For the remote viewing I would write the word wind down and draw sails and a beach, and the picture turned out to be wind surfers lined up on a beach. I did this several times and each time would start to describe and draw several things in the picture that astounded me. That same day, I got this incredibly weird feeling in my head where it actually felt like my brain was swelling. I also started getting these weird electric shock type feelings behind my eyes on the days following.

I started meditations where I would try to contact a sentient being, always making sure to state that I only invite positive loving beings to connect with me. I never got any contact, sometimes I would get feelings... but that was all.

I have been diabetic for about 25 years, taking 40 units plus of insulin a day. I started focusing on sending my energy into my body.... with the intention of healing myself. Sometimes asking for help from a loving being while in deep meditation. A couple of weeks I started to actually notice a shift, I would start to have low sugars often, and decided to lower my insulin while not changing what I ate.... it got to the point of where I was down to 10 units of insulin a day and still having low sugars, even having to eat to the point of being stuffed, which I never did.

Then changes started to really hit me, at times it seemed like everything that could go wrong was with my life. My boyfriend started getting these weird marks on his chest, that would come and go in the completely filled red circles. Then he changed and started to be really cruel for no reason, at times when he was I would smile and not say anything. Always trying to keep a positive attitude and have loving energy flow from me. I asked him, on several occasions why? Why are you doing this? ...and he would tell me, I really don't know. I get these feelings or thoughts and it's almost like I can't stop myself from saying terrible things to you. Then I started noticing my family being... well they had the "I don't care what happens to you" kind of attitude from things they would do or say.

When these things would happen, my insulin would need to be taken back up...

I started getting sick for no reason, extreme fatigue and weakness. I would have serious memory problems, and I mean I would be in the middle of a sentence and go totally blank as to what I was about to say. This happened a lot, so much so that people would ask if something was wrong with me. Parts of my body would burn like being in a fire, and on occasion I would find a quarter sized mark in that location. One night while watching TV with the lights on I started to feel this terrible burning on top of my foot... and I told my boyfriend as it was happening, in concern he looked at my foot and noticed the mark appear. I would get these episodes where I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I was fighting to breath. It got so bad one night with my health I went to the ER. they did all this blood work... urine tests, xrays and couldn't find anything whatsoever wrong with me, while getting these mean looks from the 2 nurses in the exam room.... and once I seen the doctor for a few minutes in the beginning I never saw him again. Take in mind there was only 2 people in the waiting room. It was a slow night for them.

It doesn't stop there tho... The day before yesterday my beloved dog became sick and I rushed him to the vet. Where she did bloodwork and told me she found his levels to be incredibly high for many different things. She told me he had cancer most likely prostate and that his kidneys was failing... he pretty much went blind and lost most his hearing overnight. I left him there overnight for an IV and was disturbed that she kept insisting on putting him down. I picked him up from the vet yesterday I told her I needed to have some time with him to say goodbye. He seemed to be feeling much better, and then last night he started barking and crying almost all night like he was being targeted. I kept him by my bed telling him how much I loved him, and when I got up around 7:30 he seemed to be resting finally and let him sleep knowing he needed it. Around noon I started to try to get him up... when I noticed it looked like his nose was bleeding. I was with him until the end petting him and telling him how much he meant to me. He passed away in my arms around 3pm... It was the hardest moment of my life.

This goes on and on in detail... phone clicks, credit card unauthorized attempts, failed twitter sign ins and it really does feel totally hopeless. I think the only hope is for everyone to wake up or alien intervention. So much has happened in such a short time.

Then right before writing this as I sit staring at the floor I notice the letters 7T with the T being to the right and a little above it. I may be wrong but from what I looked up this means 24 hours a day, seven days a week: all the time


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I wanted to add that I am 38yo, always been healthy in general. With the memory issues where I will forget what I was saying in mid sentence I wanted to add my age as to this isn't an age related issue. I was thinking a lot about the 7T I seen, I seen this symbol on a plain burgundy carpet without designs. I immediately went to google and typed in 7T meaning, and like the second result from the top is where it had the 24hrs a day. During my "awakening" for months I have seen shadows moving fast in the corner of my eye, flashes of lights "balls" in different places. About a month ago I went out on the patio looking up at the sky when I saw 2 stars in the night sky when almost a minute later they flashed and disappeared in the sky. One night, about 2 weeks ago I had a dream that I walked out on my patio, and then noticed that this egg shaped craft with round windows a little above the middle all the way around the craft, that had a orange glow coming from them. Thinking about the dream, I estimated the egg shaped craft to be anywhere from 10-15 foot tall, giving to where it had landed next to a tree in my yard. In the dream I noticed this short tan being running from the tree in my yard where the craft was landed. In the dream I was nervous, but totally open to the experience. I wanted to communicate and so I started walking closer when I woke up. The dream was so vivid I drew what I saw and wrote a few words describing it. These things have been happening to me so much that my boyfriend has noticed, he was never a believer and now he's totally convinced this is happening.


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[Hello, all, I believe I am a targetted individual. It's been going on for at leaste a year now, and the "symptoms / harasssment / vividness of the "attacks" grow as time goes on. Making me look and sound crazier than anyone I've ever seen.

I seem to have way more symptoms of being a target tha n anyone I have been reading up on, here or anywhere.

It all began when I was in the middle of an argument with my gf. Now fiancee. She stormed out, and when I lose my temper I say some pretty harsh things.
After she slammed the door, a voice came from nowhere saying "I hate you". I was currently a raging meth addict, and still dabble to this day. Which helps make me look just loonie. Always discredited. Even my fiancee blames the drugs, and wont look for the faces I see.

I know it is not the drugs, because even when I'm sober the voices chime in. "You're a piece of shit" "You're an asshole" "you are the stupidest person I've ever met... Usually my mother's voice. Who is still alive... However, I've heard her in my head and seen her talking to my brother at the same time. So I don't know if anyone is capable of holding two conversations at the same time, but I can't

It started off with just voices..... My fiancee's Guardian angel is what they said they were. Then it was ghosts, or an evil spirit, then it was my mother. And she's talking to me right now.

She has told me I am dead, in limbo, that I am responsible for having my brother executed in North Korea, as he lives in South Korea, that I am in a virtual reality prison in North Korea. Then told me I am simply in a virtual reality world, and showed me, by telling me to look out the window, and making the mountain across the way float up and down, as though it were an image in photoshop being cut and pasted, and moved around.

She told me its a virtual reality called Oculus Rift, which I had never heard of before the voice in my head telling me this. She has told me I have raped and murdered a 15 year old, and that I'm actually in the process of doing it right now. o_O

I was convinced about the virtual reality world for a while, and still wont rule it out, as i see faces in anything I look at. Picturesque quality faces in the mountains, grass, trees... etc

She tells me everyone can hear me when I think which scares me, because I grew up without any real personality, and I replaced it with "just say weird shit to throw people off" and I get some pretty gnarly thoughts all the time. I accidentally call fat people fat when i see them, i call handi capped people retards.... I say the things I am trying not to say, if that makes any sense. ...... Don't think of a rainbow.... now that did you picture?

My mom once had me convinced my fiancee was going to be killed, or in trouble. So I got in her car, with no license, and started running red lights and blowing stop signs to go save her. When she left work to come tend to my mental illness, my mother told me we were already dead, and reliving the day of our accident, and I should just run the car head on into another vehicle. Killing my fiance, and I, and whoever else was on the road. Now my reality, at this point doesnt make any sense, so I wasn't ruling anything out. This was of course before I realized they never speak the truth.

Sometimes, i notice people reacting to my thoughts sometimes too... as though they can hear my thoughts. However, I have been very meen to people in my head in their presence, and the physical version of them is unchanged, and not upset, however, the voice version gets irate.

I see holograms of my mother, my father, and sometimes even see what appear to be entities made of heat waves, or static. Sometimes they will hold or caress my hand, other times, they will rub my thighs, and area, later to say I cheated on my gf. I see faces in shadows, patterns in counters and carpets often become a collage of faces, big and small. Sometimes they are moving images, toher times they are still. I have seen pictures moving, farther from the wall, then reattaching itself to the wall, and the images inside these pictures also move. At one point the ground was moving, as though it was made of water, yet eveyone was still functioning as though it wasn't happening, and I was also relatively unnaffected by it, except for the constant sea sickness and dizziness. Many People act suspicious, as though they know im being watched, many others seem to say they go through the same thing, friends of mine tell me they hear or heard voices too, and I'm not alone, but the voices assure me they are just making fu of me. Other people only seemed to come forward after i had voiced my troubles.

My mom often tells me someone hates me so much that they are peeing on me, or pooing on me. In whatever realm they are from. Sometimes I can smell the feces. Other times I can smell booze on someone's breathe, or just their breathe in general.

They tell me im the chosen one and if i find out whats going on the world as we know it ends. So they constantly mis guide me. Often like to distract me while I'm looking for work, or even at work. They can reduce me to an incompetant lump of fear at work, I can hardly function. It's like they like to bring me up to tear me down.

I have a feeling someone or something is always watching me, as the faces seldom go away now, and the voices never stop. They are never pleasant. Ever.

All I hear at work is how terrible I am doing, how bad of an employee I am, and that the boss is going to fire me. He doesn't like me... every day every thought I have gets processed by my mother and a handful of other voices before I even really know what I was thinking, and they just rip on me. "Piece of shit "asshole" "you're the stupidest person I've ever met" Like a broken record all day.

No one believes me, and if they do. They don't get it. they are humoring me, or worse, they're in on it too.

I have just recently started using an mp3 player outdoors when I am going anywhere, but I am a prisoner in my own mind!!!

Please somone find out whats happening to me. I just want my old reality back where up was down and black was white. Where mountains don't move, and people dont gaze at me from patterns in the mountains.

Anyways. All i'm getting at is if you only suffer voices, consider yourself lucky, as they have invaded every one of my senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, and yes Even weird tastes.

I don't know how to end this, as I can ramble on for days, as this is constant, its my own personal nightmare, every day. And every day is a new scenario of whats going on.