ufo activity worldwide on the rise and ex military officials providing evidence of such unexplained activity?

I find it amazing, given the sheer number of all sky telescope surveys going on right now, that none of them has found anything out of the ordinary....
No, this is just Robert Hastings and Robert Salas and the same old crowd of people who have been hawking this same story for years. Their book sales are a little slow, so they did a little press event to stir up some more interest.Bob Salas wasn't even at the missile site in question. He is a witness to -- absolutely nothing. Only he didn't say that at first. When it was revealed through other eyewitnesses and documents that Salas had nothing to do with the missile failure, Salas quickly changed his story, and then changed it again. He has absolutely no evidence to back up his tall tale. But he has a book to sell you. Oh, the missile failure was eventually traced to an electrical fault in the monitoring circuits, but you'll never hear that from these guys.Robert Hastings will apparently believe any UFO story you tell him. He himself isn't a witness to anything, but he's a very avid collector of just about every UFO tall tale that has come out of the military. I had the displeasure of trying to debate him. When I pointed out the obvious flaws in his methods and facts, he spammed the debate with excerpts from his book and then ran off to his web site to write a scathing response about how I was one of those evil "debunkers" the UFO authors fear so much.Believe me, the last thing these guys want is for the documents to appear on Wikileaks, because the documents are already available and already contradict their stories. They're just trying to make a buck.