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This person was on his balcony in Thailand and saw a bright light in the sky as others have been seeing recently. He decided to take a video with his camera on a tripod and use telephoto lens to zoom it. The light chat he is having with his wife helps to keep this in perspective.
The action really begins at around 45 seconds.

DETAILS: Be patient, the good stuff begins at 00:49....

Merry Christmas Lights, Everyone! Details: NEWEST UPDATE (Dec 23, 2010) A friend caught this phenomenon through his tripod-mounted video camera mid Dec 2010. Similar UFO sightings in skies over other countries, many of those with the naked eye, gave this footage the validity I personally needed to post it. Is it contact from a genuine UFO, or some really gorgeous accidental mix of technology with nature? I firmly believe it's a genuine unknown, but if you don't, it's still amazing to watch. It just occurred to me that whether or not it's 5th dimensional graffiti artists, it's just in time for Christmas! What a nice gift! I have developed a few simple guidelines for myself. You may 'use' them if you wish:

1. I don't know what this is.
2. It is very different from a typical ufo.
3. Most people think it's a planet or star with special effects either accidentally or intentionally caused by the camera(man).
4. I do not believe that explanation at all.
5. It was shot by my trusted friend on a very high quality tripod-mounted camera, and given to me the next morning, unaltered.
6. Many others have sighted this phenomenon with the naked eye as well, all over the world. The only 'good' footage that I have seen yet is this spectacular video, the Stevensville, Texas, and Ghana, Ireland footage.
7. I am not so hasty to draw conclusions as some others are.

Share this. Forward this. Link this. BUT: Please CREDIT THE SOURCE!

My Youtube user name is ShieldPacal. I am the original poster of this video, but not the source of it! That credit goes to my friend. Here is a recent, detailed response to comments by other contributors regarding the 'choppiness' of this footage:

NEWEST UPDATE (DEC 23/10): Again, thanks for all of your input. The footage is choppy during the beginning when he moves the POV in order to frame the light source, and after the spectacular footage when he changes the POV for reference to other objects. This choppiness is augmented by the night mode of the camera which greatly reduces the frame rate. You can see on the footage that the street lights, star(s), and airplane show streaking, ghosting, and 'choppiness', but these effects do not come close to mimicking the effect of the object.

Moreover, during the middle 3 min, the frame is focused directly on the object, with the camera mounted on a tripod. For only about 10% of the critical 3 mins, he manually zoomed in and tried to frame the phenomenon. Other than that, the frame was relatively still. I believe we are watching the object literally dancing in the frame.

There have been several explanations for this footage. The most obvious and common is the following: 'source of light: planet; streaking effect: vibration or jostling the camera or tripod coupled with greatly reduced frame rate; color effect; possible auto-focus or other camera anomaly; conclusion: easily explainable mixture of science and nature.

I have yet to see any star, planet, or hoax footage, either manipulated or natural, that comes close, other than Stephenville Tx. and Ghana, Ireland (sources, please contact me and I will include your names). I have just begun my research and refuse to be so quick to draw conclusions. This may be something 'other'. Further, there have been many, many naked-eye sightings of similar phenomena which utterly discounts the doubters 'camera angle'! 555! (Thai 'LOL!'). As for me, I'm going to reserve judgement for a while...

Please give your feedback, and share your humor. I'm doing what I can, researching, sharing my insights, and trying to do a good job at work, so please forgive me if I take time to reply to your comments. Thanks all of you for your patience and interest...Please share this and keep checking this link as I will update it periodically. Thanks to those who have politely contributed. Let's keep sharing our ideas on this and other anomalies...-SP

I have a third colleague, Donald A. Johnson, PhD, UFO author/researcher for forty years, who has written a legitimate UFO report regarding this incident. If you would like that information, please contact me. Please remember to credit Youtube and Google for providing the initial platform and search engine!