"UFO's keep ISS and Space Shuttle in the gaps'

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The inter-galactic community awaits with great interest to the space program of our earth. This claim MAUSSANE Jaime and Santiago Garza Yturria at least two prominent ufologen.

The duo was a guest at the International UFO Congress 2009. Santiago was here the images he has collected hundreds of hours of footage that he at any NASA mission recording.

The images are clearly unknown objects near the Space Shuttle and Space Station ISS emerge, but even later in the not been resolved. According to Jaime and Santiago can not or else they are aliens in our space program in the monitor.

For images, skip to 6 minutes .

YouTube - Jaime Maussan: Amazing UFO Footage 2009

Source: fok.nl
Another film of UFO's in the ISS is here to see

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