UK threatens to 'assault' Ecuador embassy to arrest Assange

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Update on Julian Assange case:

Published on 16 Aug 2012 by RussiaToday
Britain's Foreign Office says Julian Assange will be denied safe passage out of the country - even if he's granted asylum by Ecuador - LIVE UPDATES


Julian Assange Ecuador embassy row - live coverage

Get the latest news and reaction as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange awaits a decision on his application for asylum and a diplomatic row brews between UK and Ecuador

Patino adds:

We can state that there is a risk that he will be persecuted politically...

We trust the UK will offer the necessary guarantees so that both governments can act adequately and properly respect international rights and the right of asylum.

We also trust the excellent relationship the two countries have will continue.
Asylum is granted

Ecuador is to grant political asylum to Julian Assange, says Patino.