update Little vent.


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I had mentioned that my friend had a dr's appointment on Thursday. I'm really trying to think positive on all this. Well let me explain.

As you may or may not recall in previous posts, I had mentioned due to a series of unfortunate events, my friend no longer has a car at her disposal. We have to rely on taxis, now.

Well, we met this one driver that was really nice and we had been ordering his servies only for the last 3 months he was always reliable. Well, we scheduled him for Thursday and he never showed up thus she had to cancel the appointment and now sees her in Dec. Meanwhile, we've been trying to get ahold of him, by leaving messages on his voice mail.

The place where we live it's hard to get out of with a wheel chair(we never anticipitated her use of one, likewise a walker which she has access to from her departed husband) If it hadn't been for that I could've probaby pushed her over s the dr. is only 4 blocks away.

What it is theirs a narrow walkway on the way out made so by a bush they have planted nextdoor to us. Instead of grass, they have the "decorative rocks")

Now she's going to be at odds with her dr. because one time th dr. had to cancel the appointment, well that's different, but she was not in the best of moods to go the last time so, she cancelled once before.

Oh, well what is is, she has another cardiologist internist that she goes to see one she likes as well, but she still owes him from Aug. I guess it is what it is.

Just hope we can find a another driver. What hurts too, is one of our (well meant neighbors ws going to introduce to her friend and said he would help, never happened) we don't know what's up with this neighbor, except she works and goes to school. I know that's heavy schedule but she wasn't going to school until recently.

Now there's a different neighbor two doors away from her that seems decent, I've only sid hello to her a couple of times she's home all day because her kid is in school,and she seems to work in the eveniing. But how do you ask a favor, of a stranger, she stays inside most of the time except when I see her going to the laundry room.

Oh well excuse my vent, I'll try to find something positive out of this one.