Bases Update 016 Haunted Skies

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"Published on 26 Sep 2014
The Bases Project met up with John Hanson after another Renlesham Forest Incident set of lectures at the Woodbridge community Hall, and we discuss his Haunted Skies reference book series,at Rendlesham Forest.

Also features discussion the latest secrets with held and the new book by Burroughs and Penniston ansd why it is censored by the Nick Pope and the MoD - DoD censorship, illustrating the extremely sensitive issues of the twin Bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. REALITY itself is wrong and secrets about this require suppressed.

Features a extremely rare interview with Dot Street and Brenda Butler, for Bases 3 The Butler Report, still in edit after 18 years.

The book Skycrash featured Brendea, and Dot's work, similarly 'approved' by the MoD, with Jenny randles as author in that era.

Another brief look at Scalar warfare signatures over Salisbury plane, as Wilson Cloud radials made an appearance. As the update was shot the next day, square grid signatures remained."