Virtual Light # 6 Beacons of Light Feb 2009


Virtual Light # 6 Beacons of Light Feb 2009 - The end of the separation
Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 is the year of separation among people at end. Steve Rother and the group to give you this information.

They also talk about what we call ET's, , the arcturians and sirians. They have always been, have always assisted us and they do still. So many things are here on earth together to see how we make up the earth after a higher level go through our free choice.

Never before have we so far in our development, and this time we are saving! All these creatures are extremely proud of us now we are in the day more and more re-inner. Play the game of free choice and enjoy.

Source: snoedel

This is part one the rest following on you tube.