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I still had this on my HD so I thought it would be nice to share.
My attempt at writing a story, never finished, don't know why, perhaps any comments can give inspiration/motivation to continue.


Aisur has a long and mostly unfortunate history.
Since the crowning of the current emperor "Lord Risurth", Aisur has for the first time in millenia embraced itself into a time of piece and prosperity.
Although it has not always been like this.
It all began with the invasion of Radrilunth, this fierce tiran has mastered himself over the lands of Endeeth and Ginth.
Endeeth was a collection of villages and towns, working cooperately in order to survive on their own.
The land mostly exists of plains and hills, providing an excellent advantage to the horsemen and archers of Endeeth.
Ginth existed of a small number of tribes, scattered across the mountain landscape crossed by swamps.
Stories even tell that the first Hulric overlord Murlos lost a battle against the last chieftain on the slopes of Kaig, which held the last free bastion of Ginth.

Chapter 1.1
The fall of Idith.

General Ureth, what must we do ?, There is no way we can go head on and survive this.
"This conquest is on order of Overlord Murlos himself" Answered Ureth,
Looking up to the great fortress of Chief Seth, he wondered why anyone who'd even bother to assault it.
The fortress was massive, standing firmly on the summit of the mountain Kaig, walls thick enough to withstand days of bombardment.
It was a genius invention.
siege towers would be no use, as the units would pour out they would have to sustain heavy archer fire, not even mentioning the shield walls at the gateways to the elevated platforms from which the archers had a clear shot at the outer wall.
If by any change you are able to succesfully invade the keep, you have not yet taken the stronghold.
For beneath the fortress inside the mountain, is a vast collection of halls and other areas.
Too big to be taken some said.
But take it they will.
As Ureth saw the causalties coming back from the last charge he reminded himself once again why it was his duty to finish this job.
He was chosen for this, no, he offered his services for this.
1427 days of sieging hasn't broken his determination yet.
The moral suffered greatly though.
"They must be pulling supplies and men from somewhere, who knows how many escape routes they can enter and exit at any time without us knowing" said officer Krion, replying to his own question "I say we make a quick push and drive these beasts to the depth of the earth, hunting them down and killing anyone of them".
But Ureth would never let such actions foul his reputation, he was not a murderer.
He did this for glory.

Chapter 1.2

Two men suddenly ran into the encampment which Ureth and Krios were located in.
Reports said that a battle has broken out between Hurlic and Ginthian forces at Sis, a swamp at the bottom of Kaig.
Krios immediate response was that that's where they should be going.
"This will grand us access to their 'lairs' and provide us with the change we've been waiting for years now".
How unlikely it seemed, Ureth agreed.
He ordered the entire 3th and 5th garrison to head downhill and find out if there was anything of value down there, besides some axe swimming barbarians and a stinking swamp.