[Wow!] Web Legend "TRON Guy" Banned from Seeing TRON: Legacy in Famed Suit



When you've become an Internet meme for your love of TRON, a movie theater really ought to let you watch the film in costume.

Back before the Disney remake, Jay Maynard was a superfan of the original video game and movie, TRON. He gained widespread Internet fame after obsessively documenting his intricate costume. From there, he became a convention darling and appeared on a handful of late-night talk shows. (See the 10 nerdiest movie moments of 2010.)

But apparently the staff at a Minnesota movie theater hadn't heard of him. They refused to let him watch TRON: Legacy while wearing his light-up suit. Maynard says he believes the staff thought it would be too "distracting." But when you're watching a movie with tons of flashing lights and a bleeping electronic soundtrack, are you really going to be easily distracted? We say this is an act of nerd injustice. (via TMZ)


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Bullshit if you ask me, but that's how americans deal with justice, their own reasonings and benefits.
If a theater here would do such a thing, they need to have to go through a thorough investigation whether that statement is correct and it would be a process of the theater against the man with the nerd supported by a governmental lawyer.