Well it looks like it's happening again


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Those of you who have read some of my posts know some of the problems of my friend who's like a mom to me.

Well after the cab driver who came in and took her to the parking and helped her in the cab and folded up the wheel chair and put it in the back of the cab "without numerous complaints we had from the regular wheelchair taxi cab drivers about the lay out of the place and one had the nerve to tell her she should move.

It looks like her new doctor may be pulling a Narulla on her, the name of her previous dr. who wouldn't renew her meds that she wen without for two years before getting herself in this present predicament ny the way her temporary occupational therapist said her husband had the same dr. and he didn't like him and got a new dr. One in-home health care CNA (that was provided by the hospital temporarily) said to her that sometimes they do that if you don't see them on a regular basis.

Well, I took a letter over to the office and very detailed about the trouble and her finances (where she can't afford to keep taking a cab all over the place,)she has getting out of the house, (I'm too puny 4'ft 11 inches) to wheel her out and this place is wheelchair unfriendly, unfortunate,we had to sign a new lease and can't afford the 1st last and security deposit plus the money to break the lease and to pay for movers too pr we would) she can walk but not too far on her own and I couldn't help her when she fell, except to call 911.

Well, we asked her to renew her meds (she can only do this when the little bit of monney she has left over from Social Security paying her monthly bills.) yesterday and still no reply from the "good doctor" who by the way (if it means anything to anybody out there is a board certified fellow. So despite her knowing about her lack of transportation and financial situation, I've learned one thing about drs. they don't care. as long as they can get between $250.00 and $350.00 per patient either from the patient their insurance or what Medicare is willing to pay and what money the patient pays after Medicare. The agencies we have here are a joke too, Medicaid says my friend makes too much money on her gross income, well, tell me who lives off their gross income? The transportation for the elderly and disabled they don't want to come in the house and wheel her out. My friend just says part of her really doesn't care if she sees a dr.

Healthwise she took these type of pills when she had Narulla and they never gave her any side affects.
Her niece was going tp contact the director of an organization and see if he would get in touch with someone in this neck of the woods to see if their was someone who would help her out for a modest rate, never heard from her again, so far. We've poked around a few other places too, it's hard I guess with some of these agencies to get completely organized after the holidays, I guess with vacations and what not.

The people in this complex forget it, they don't even offer to help me go to the store I have to go twice a week and walk 8 blocks and take the bus back, bus fare is almost $2.00 for one way.

Well, I guess everything happens for a reason,but geeze can't we ever get a break from it? For a brief portion in time I thought things were turning around well maybe somewhat but still no solution to the main problemHope I'm not backsliding too much:) She had one dr. that was a dr's dr. but he was too far away after she got on oxygen she would actually talk to him on the phone not his assistant and he would renew her meds, from there if she couldn't get there.. Those days are long gone I can see that now. :frown: