[ALERT!] Alert Memo : Evacuation Looks Imminent !


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This caught my eye, this morning when I was looking for the real news, but just now got the chance to post it. Is this the real reason the government has bought $140 million dollars worth of food from farmers? That was just mentioned on MSM this morning. (supposed to go to food distribution programs)

Alert Memo : Evacuation Looks Imminent ! | Alternative

- Norfolk naval base is evacuating.- At least one large Naval ship has just been towed from dry dock out to sea in Long Beach, CA - National Guard is being called to report 12 – 14th - US observatories have discontinued public tours - FEMA has placed a moratorium on flood insurance- Freeze dried food manufacturers are sold out

It goes on to say Tanks are being moved out of CA, Major I'll let you read the rest. Is it a toss up between CA earthquakes clusters and El Hierro volcano in the Canaries? Will keep an eye out for the more to come. Hope everyone is prepared for something to happen anyway.