[Video] UFO Followed By Two Jets Over China Captured By Google Earth

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Good catch Scott!

Here is the direct link tot he UFO:

"Now Google has deleted every UFO I have ever reported on their map within 3-6 months of making the video. This will also disappear soon, so please confirm in the video comments on YouTube that it is there, otherwise lots of people will just say its fake without even checking," says Scott Warning, author of UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of discovery: May 30, 2014
Location of discovery: Xiang Dao, Zheng Yang Xian, Zhumadian, Henan, China
Coordinates: 32°24'14.46"N 114°32'57.39"E

Waring says "This glowing orb is most likely a disk. The trail behind it is more of a mist than a contrail. The UFO causes a distortion of space around it and that is the trail we see it leaving."

"We can tell that the UFO is lower than the bigger jet and higher than the lowest jet. Because of that we have a height and size comparison that makes it about or a little bigger than a 747," says Waring.

UFO Followed By Two Jets Over China Captured By Google Earth, Video | Beyond Science
I disagree that this is a good catch, I think that Scott is chasing ghosts!

To me it is just the second plane double exposed.


I burred the plane on the left as a demonstration, it look almost exactly like the supposed UFO.