What do you think of the The Barney Frank Pube Lick Library Catalog?


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The Hard Boys MysteriesHome - by BigFurHat - March 6, 2011 - 17:16 UTC - 11 CommentsBased on a mkultra idea -The Barney Frank Pube Lick Library CatalogHome - by BigFurHat - March 6, 2011 - 16:35 UTC - 14 CommentsUnbelievably clever, mean-spirited, prolific and disgusting. Well Done!Here are the submissions that could have easily won. This was difficult -Catcher in the Hiney -TammyThe Three Musky Queers – Sapper ChrisDangerous Lesions – Angry PancreasOf Mice in Men – Edith McCrotchOliver’s Tryst – Horrorman 181001 Reasons My *** Hurts – NastyNatA Stranger In A Strange Hand – Angry PancreasHow To Suck Seed In Business – ChalupaA Farewell To Vaginas – Johnny 5 is aliveThe Hard Boys – mkultraThe Man in the Iron Mask, Leather Straps, and Red Leotards – Groucho MarxistSeven Brothers for Seven Brothers – Groucho MarxistFun With Dick – Matt Damon’s BrainA Street Car Named Dethyer – Johnny 5 is AliveCaptain’s Contagious – mkultraTwelve Really Peeved Men – Groucho MarxistWho Moved My Smegma? – GingerBeen Her – Groucho MarxistMonty’s Full – Groucho MarxistMidler on the Roof – Call Me LennieSorest Rump – Anne Marie HarpenThee-Sore-*** – GingerThe Nice Man Cometh – ShmidtlapBrian’sHead Revisited – LexisTexasAll Quiet On the Western Front of the Mattress – LexisTexasThe La De Da Vinci Code – Edith McCrotchThe Accidental Florist – Edith McCrotchBUT THE WINNER IS:CROTCH 22 – DIOGENES(send your mailing info to bigfurhat.mail@gmail.com)http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=64488http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=64479Currently Under Construction – The Barney Frank Library Contesthttp://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=64395


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That's kind of funny actually.But it's disturbing to think somebody took the time to make a list this long.

Fred Gravings

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Really funny.I've been playing with some more:Rumpled Foreskin, His Cup Runneth Over (I hope), How to Rear your Kid, Bwonnie Fwankenfurter, Hairy Pooter & the Flabby Prince, Be Still my Phart, Broke Back Mountin, Whistle while you jerk, Heres Leakin on you kid, Looking for Luv in all the wrong places..brown mustache, The Lost Pimple, The Pink Plumpernil, Asspootin, Asstronots Club, Riders of the Purple ..sheets, Mommas don`t let your kids grow up to be cowed boys, Rio Grovel, Butt Bandits ride again, I only had sex once & I blew it, Life Sux, Suckcess by the yard is hard..but by the inch its a clinch, Madam Bwarnies Waxed Museum, Warsar Pole dancer, How I got threw College Ben Dover