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Are the illuminati planning something on Halloween?

I was led to your website by one of your threads about an illuminati agent named FRANK.

After doing my own research I have found so much information about this.

There is a website which is counting down to Halloween and all the buzz hypes that the illuminati are going to reveal something.
Riddle of the illuminati - Puzzle Website

The website is some kind of riddle:

David Icke often mentions the illuminati " spider in the centre of the web". (Or anti-christ). Whilst I don't believe in everything David Icke says..... After some intense research, I believe we now know who the false prophet is. See previous ATS post:

The London Anti-Christ urban legend, page 1

His name is Frank. (Could be Pope Francis) or A british psychologist named Frank webster. Obama being the anti christ. We believe that the False Prophet of the illuminati will reveal themselves on Halloween:

This website is a kind of maze. If you type 'highkey' in the top box and 'lowkey' in the bottom box you will get past the first screen, it also trails right across the web to all sorts of strange locations, government sites. Its linked to the film Donnie Darko if youve seen it is essentially about an anti-christ figure called 'Frank'. Coincidence?

Also some group calling themselves the Cult of Saturn has been hijacking the anonymous movement, blatant satanist organisation:

View image: Clipping2005 Frank
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