What is your favorite movie with time travel?


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Any movie(s) that you loved that involved the plot device of time travel. My favorites are: Back to the Future Trilogy, Star Trek (2009 film), Terminator and Planet of the Apes.

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Back to The Future Trilogy Of CourseI'm Not Sure why they Didn't Nominated for Oscar best Movie in 1985


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One of the more underrated ones is The Time MachineIts about this guy who builds designs a time machine in the year 1900, he then asks the women he loves to marry him but shortly after she dies so he builds the machine in order to go back and save her. The problem is each time he goes back she ends up dying so he decides the only want to save her is in the future and he then begins searching the future for the way to save the women he loves.


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The best and the worst of time traveling. I agree with most of it:http://features.metacritic.com/features/2010/the-best-and-worst-time-travel-movies/


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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is funny as hell and has George Carlin. Also the movie The Final Countdown was a really cool movie can out back in 1980 about the USS Nimitz nuclear powered Aircraft carrier goes back in time to a day before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Was a really good movie with an interesting premise.


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TimeCop; I love the way the past & present versions of each character can't touch each other (you end up finding out why at the end of the movie).: )