What's going on right now


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Well as many of you know the rotten year my friend and I have had, we've been heaped upon again. I don't understand what either of us doing to deserve so much heaping. I'll explain.

Many of you know about my friends stay in the hospital and rehab for physical therapy affter a fractured wrist. She is an 80 year old widow. Well we were told by the state she wasn't eligibal for Medicaid because of "too much money" in her gross income of Social Security, but was qualified for some stupid program and subsequently enrolled in cost of share program, they then would take care of medical bills from the hospital. They also had an in home health care program in which they sent out a social worker who faxed out the bills to the state. Yes, we have cover letter, sent out July 30th. Well, on Oct. 22 she received a letter from an attorney representing the hospital. They want $1156.00 neither one of us have.

Now what's going on at the apartment? Well we received a letter about a full building inspection on Oct. 8th. A week laer one of their maintenance personal came around and with a two page document, cleverly with top page underneath and had her sign the second sheet, didn't want to give either of us time to read it, said was supposed to be in case they sold the place, and did not answer my question if they were selling. He works close with the old management he would've known. Well they did the following week she met the new owners, who never actually said who they were, nor did they have a business card wih a way to contact, Flashforward to today, someone representing the city water department came around a left notices on ours and other doors about paying a $758.00 in cash, yeah like that's going to happen, "was their way so we could tell the owner" well we called the previous property manager and "she claimed not to know who bought the place,(she's a real estate broker, or who knew who the new management" we were supposed to send the rent today. So the city's going to shut off our water in 5 days if not paid.

My question is How much more of this are we supposed to take? Is there anything we can do to stop this constant bad luck? Does anyone know, if so please tell me. While the previous three years have not been stellar by any means, this has definately been the worst.:topsy_turvy: