White Baby Born to Black Parents!

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The way I see it is there is only a few possibilities:
-his wife had sex with a white man, or has a white ancestor.
-the father could have a white ancestor.
-they both have a white ancestor.
-the baby may have been switched at birth.

Beyond that the baby looks nothing like either of his parents.


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I don't know. The switched at birth thing seems viable. It's also not impossible that somewhere back in their ancestry, a Brit or a Roman or whoever that conquered their native area got into the mix somehow.

But there's also THIS possibility. What if, and I know I'm reaching here, but, what if this is because of the "souls" that are coming here now? The creation of the blond haired blue eyed body is needed for certain souls is it not? At least that's MY understanding of it. And THOSE "souls", those people are needed here at the time they are able to be of use?

Just some thoughts to throw out there.

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You know its just automatically assumed that these people are a normal devoted married couple, but what if they're swingers?