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James the creator of the Wingmakers website has a full website that is very much like an inner adventure to discover. While going through the many free downloads and pondering about the information therein, you will find a secret portal within the many links that leads to the greatest discovery within the self through music art and mythology

a new free downloadable ebook has been made available about who the Wingmakers are and the Central Purpose.

Wingmakers are myth wrapped in an enigma and while founded in mystery when searching through the pages keep in mind the greatest journey of all is the inner one, that of the soul or in Wingmakers Mythology the Sovereign Integral

The Wingmakers site includes three interviews with James. Project Camelot has a written interview with James. The deep and penetrating questions posed to James from Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are answered in detail by James with often thought provoking material.

Project Camelot interview with James scroll down to 5 Dec
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