Woman finds top secret document of USO's from deep space head to earth

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DO NOT under ANY circumstances let your superiors know you're in possession of top secret documents. It will never end good.

"In October, 1981, USAF Airman Simone Mendez, (stationed at Nellis AFB as a Wing/Base Telecommunications Specialist with the 2069th Communication Squadron with a Top Secret clearance), received from a friend (Airman Green - pseudonym) "a Top Secret message torn off the machine at the message center to the effect that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) had detected a group of unknown objects entering the vicinity of Earth from deep space. Several of the objects were tracked entering the atmosphere and heading towards the Soviet Union, after which they hovered in an area near Moscow for more than an hour."

For unsatisfactory yet understandable reasons she kept the "third carbon copy of a multi-carbon form" for several months. When she learned that it might be a fake she showed it to another co-worker who felt it probably was a fake. Simone then returned the document to base and a supervisor "asked that the document be placed in the classified waste for disposal."

Several days later AFOSI and the FBI interrogated her at length following which she was hospitalized for "serious depression." The FBI searched her apartment and confiscated many personal items. Several weeks later she was interrogated again and polygraphed. She failed the polygraph for physiological response reasons, (extreme nervousness), and was polygraphed at least several more times over several months. She made a poor attempt at suicide on April 22, 1982 and was again hospitalized. Interrogations and polygraphing continued into June 1982 at which time it was apparently concluded that she was not a spy."

June 1991 (Number 28) issue of Just Cause. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy:
Her clearance was a TOP SECRET/CRYPTON/NATO at the time. She stated the "fear of god" was put into us not to sit there and read the teletype text, but one time she saw "UFOB" in the text. Further the unauthorised possession of the document had TS/ For/ Official/Eyes Only stamped top and bottom. This teletype reported about how a group of "objects" same in from "deep space" and "outside the solar system" and then entered an orbit in earth's atmosphere traveling at speeds between mach 16 to 26. Three broke off from the "cluster" and went into the Soviet Union, and hovered there for approximately an hour. An AWACS tracked them as far as the planes could go.