World does not agree on right to water


World does not agree on right to water
Monday, March 23, 2009

ISTANBUL, March 23, 2009 (IPS) - Is water a human right or just merchandise? The fifth World Water Forum that ended Sunday in Istanbul, it is not even touched. On a parallel alternative forum, there was much criticism of the prominent role played by water companies on the official meeting played.

25,000 participants and nearly 100 ministers who attended the international meeting, adopted a final declaration with a call for "new and adequate resources available for the water sector. UN experts say that a global water crisis comes as no one billion investment in drinking water, sewerage and sanitation. The Declaration of the Forum is that there are more vigilant against corruption should be given and that the world must prepare for climate change. There are also vague warnings to jump to more economical with water and water pollution to be tackled.

But there was no consensus to improve access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation to be recognized as a human right. The text states only that "a basic human need" is.
By Statement

The delegations from Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba and Chile up against a subsequent statement, which supported by a dozen developing countries and Switzerland. It is access to water as a human right recognized. The European Parliament published a statement in that direction.

There was also disagreement over who actually such meetings should be organized. Now that the World Water Council (WWC), an international organization with members from three hundred sixty countries. In addition to 40 groups are governments, government organizations and some UN member, but the board is not part of the United Nations. Trade unions and non-governmental organizations from 70 countries participating in an alternative meeting, considered that the World Water Forum is dominated by companies that the water in many places as possible in order to privatize coin store.

The official delegations from Benin, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela urged the other countries at the meeting on a new forum in the context of the UN, "based on the principles of democracy, full participation, equality, transparency and inclusion. "

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