World's Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community

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Could it be possible that Alaska has the world's oldest man made pyramids? And, if true, is the recent snow and ice melting going to reveal even more ancient structures in the future? Amazingly, a small team of explorers has just announced that they have indeed found at least two ancient pyramids. Currently, only the upper portions of the pyramids are exposed but the general shape is obvious. The team was able to find the outer rock edges of one pyramid and the stones were obviously stacked one on top of the other (comparable to Egypt pyramids). The team actually made the discovery by accident while on a hiking expedition. They were able to take some pictures of the pyramids which are shown below.

So if these pyramids are indeed man-made then we have to ask the question of Who built them and why? Historians tell us that the first humans to enter North America settled during the end of the last ice age (approx 12-10,000 years ago). The Clovis culture generally are considered to be the first culture to develop during this time period but no evidence has ever been found that they constructed any pyramids or even any megalithic monuments. So, are we looking at a completely different culture, here? One that has been lost to history until now?

The team that made the discovery is currently planning another expedition to further research and investigate these ancient monuments. They are currently searching for additional people such as archaeologists, engineers and geologists to add to the team. They hope to return to the pyramids next summer season to confirm their findings.*

Several pictures are shown above of the pyramids that the team found. Take a look and see what you think.*

An additional piece of interesting news with this discovery is that this is not the first pyramid to have been found in Alaska. A large underground pyramid is supposed to lie between Nome and Mt. Mckinley that dates back many thousands of years ago. This was discovered in the early 1990's.