1. Truth Vibrations

    Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal

    Yet another Pyramid discover under water, I wonder what treasure it holds? Read More: Huge Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal - The Navy is Investigating | The Mind Unleashed
  2. Boiling Frog

    Amazon Discoveries about the Yard - Scott Onstott, Secrets in Plain Sight

    I honestly believe Scott Onstott has produced some remarkable findings with his "Secrets in Plain Sight" article. He analyzed the Yard measurement and theorized that the ancient Egyptians employed a measure that was developed during a period before our planet was pushed off its axis. It is...
  3. 100th Monkey

    World's Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community

  4. Truth Vibrations

    The pyramid code Movie

    An alternative narrative regarding ancient Egypt and human inception. Published on 13 Apr 2012 More videos: Buy the DVD " The pyramid code" at The Pyramid Code is a documentary that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Alex Jones Praises Anti Illuminati Film 'Oblivion'

    Published on Apr 24, 2013 [FACEBOOK]
  6. 100th Monkey

    Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle 2012 HD

    StephenHannardADGUK Published on Jul 1, 2012 The Bermuda Triangle: mysterious, unworldly, sometimes deadly. For decades intrepid researchers delved into the maze of mysteries hidden deep within this most enigmatic place on Earth. Some speculate the bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Invasion: Giant Pyramid UFOs Seen Worldwide

    Thursday, January 17, 2013 Over the two and a half years or so hundreds of people around the world have witnessed to what appears to be a new type of UFO (see video clips below). Enormous pyramid shaped UFOs have been seen and photographed in the U.S., Canada, Colombia China, Russia, Spain...
  8. 2

    [Must See!] Was this The Start of Project Blue Beam? Pyramid shaped UFO's

    Well now the big scare about 2012 Apocalypse should be over with at least I think it should be, what if these were either the start of or a dry run for Project Bluebeam or disclosure time? [URL= The recent pyramid UFOs seen over China and Colombia are particularly similar and might well show...
  9. Lady of Light

    Pyramid Overlaid With 6-Pointed (Jewish) Star

    I had an interesting short little vision last night before bed. I was laying there and at first there was this shining pyramid. It was sort of aglow. Then, all of a sudden, there was this 6 pointed star on the front of it; it was the outline kind of 6-point, not filled in, but the lines cross...
  10. Truth Vibrations

    Planetary alignment on Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza

    I found this very interesting: Planets inline: Mercury, Venus, Saturn. I happen to be one of those people who believes nothing is going to happen in 2012. However, in order to prove that to myself, I have been studying this issue for about four years now. While studying ancient cultures...
  11. L

    [Info!] re Chem Trail busting !

    I do glass work and about 2-3 years ago I had the urge to make pyramids. The ones I am making now are around 4" tall, in gorgeous iridised glass. I put a base on and glue a few crystals onto the base. At the top I put a spiral of copper wire and either a merkaba or a crystal point. Just for the...
  12. R

    Anti-bankers mural offends British Jewish groups

    A mural in the heart of bohemian east London has caused uproar among local politicians and community leaders who have accused it of being anti-Semitic – in an area with a long Jewish and immigrant history. The mural is work of internationally renowned LA-based graffiti artist Mear One (Kalen...
  13. Truth Vibrations

    Lost city of "El Mirador" found: largest pyramid by volume discovered

    Very interesting:
  14. Truth Vibrations

    [Wow!] Pyramids Found in Antarctica?

    Now this is interesting:
  15. 2

    [Info!] HAARP Destroying Polar Ice Cap

    I have heard that there is oil at the ice caps, I think Russia is aware of this too. Now I wouldn't be surpised that this was going on, and bonus, it mimicks what they say about Global Warming. One of the (at least I think so) biggest scam around. Engineered to make the elite richer and the...
  16. 2

    [Must Read!] London, Englands "Shard" building has Illuminati symbols

    I unfortunately don't have Adobe Flash video ll.3 however, since I didn't see any postings about this building, I thought I'd bring it to your attention, so you can watch the video, and perhaps tell me what you thought when you saw the video. I do believe the Illuminati exist, and they are in...
  17. Truth Vibrations

    Calls to destroy the great pyramids of egypt begin

    This makes me really upset, what do you guys think? Raymond Ibrahim Front Page Mag July 10, 2012 According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said...
  18. Boiling Frog

    Tesla secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt

    Pyramids used as generators! Tesla secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt:
  19. Denise

    Rik Clay... Was He Murdered for Exposing 2012 Olympics?

    1) R.I.P. Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: Zion 2012 Olympics June 8, 2008 Researcher Rik Clay who is behind the blog "The Cosmic Mind" joins us to discuss his findings about the Zion Olympics in London leading up to the end game year 2012. Rik presents his thesis in this very interesting two...
  20. Denise

    Kerry Cassidy interviews David Sereda - Revolution radio

    Apr 8, 2012 David provides his Theories on Chemtrails, DNA Changes, Pyramid Dimensional Frequencies, the 'Arch of the Covernant' Power Source, Non-Radiational Helium 3 Power Research, etc, etc... Kerry Cassidy - Whistle Blower - on Revolution radio