Wow an Orgasm during Childbirth!


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Umm...I think I must be wired very differently. Like, seriously differently. Like, different species. O_O


Well this is a very difficult thing to accept as a reality, but apparently it is true. Maybe we were conditioned to believe it's supposed to be painful and because of this we are just creating the painful situation that we expected.

According to some research the same part of your brain that is stimulated when you're feeling pain is the same part of your brain stimulated when you feel pleasure, so turning pain to pleasure is not that difficult.

Brain links pain with pleasure:
BBC News | HEALTH | Brain links pain with pleasure


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Wow! Who would've thought such a thing was even possible. It just goes to show you what we have been brainwashed to believe. So childbirth doesn't have to be painful. Amazing.

Well, if you think about it, it makes sense when they say in the video that the woman while lying on her back is in more pain than in other positions. Ok, so think about it, how do animals give birth? Cows and horses and such will give birth on all fours. Probably because it doesn't hurt in that position. I never thought about it until seeing this.


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It's also the stupid positions we're told we should be in while delivering. One your back with legs up in the air is counter-intuitive and thoroughly against nature - but wise men decided it was best for us, so we good women go along with it.

Naturally the cleanest place that allows gravity to assist is the way forward. She is obviously using a far superior location to what I was allowed back when my kids were born.

I have a friend who is from Myanmar. She said that they use diet to keep the baby smaller at the end of the pregnancy so the delivery is easier. They then walk around and use acupressure to ease contractions and then crouch down at the end of the delivery to let things flow naturally.

Medical science shouldn't rule us cradle to grave. They should only be consulted when there is need. Genuine need. Some disease and stuff might just make us a better species. Our "wives' tales" were so because they were tried and true. We could revive those and regain a whole lot of lost wisdom.