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~You do not have to learn how to manifest, this is automatic. Physical reality is really nothing but a mirror, a reflection, of what you believe most strongly is possible, is probable, is true for you.

Shortened transcript from a Bashar audio :

You understand that you have already a core natural vibration that represents the unique you that you are, yes? That core frequency beams from you all the time just like a lighthouse beacon, you can't help it, you're always radiating that core vibration that represents the true natural you.

Everything - everything that is in in alignment and is reflective of that core vibration is doing it's best to get to you. Everything that is not representative of that core true vibration is doing it's best to get as far away from you as it possibly can.

The things that are out of alignment with your true vibration that seem to still stick around, is not because you're not attracting what is in alignment, it's because your not letting go of what is out of alignment.

Everything that is attempting to get to you that is in alignment, if it's not coming to you, it's not because you're not attracting it, it's because your keeping it at bay with your believes. That said the law of attracting is really about letting go, and letting in.

~What you say goes! Absolutely! But you have to pay attention to what you are saying,because the Universe is always listening and always responding and will not contradict you.

~You already have everything you desire. You contain it all. ~Bashar

~To know yourself as fully as you can, is to recognize you already contain everything your mind wants.

~What you get is what you chose, consciously or unconsciously. To believe what's the most likely kind of thing you are capable of getting...

~Nothing is happening to you, it can't, it can only happen through you, because you are all there is in your reality.

Lester Levenson:
However, I began to see that I could regulate the amount of power and intelligence for my own use and that I could have control of it. I liked that so I began to dig at it. I began to examine thinking, and its relationship to what was happening. And I saw that whatever was happening had a thought behind it at some time prior. And that the reason I had never before related the two was because of the element of time between the thought and the happening. But I did discover that with everything that was happening to me I'd had a thought of it before it happened; and that, if I could grab hold of this concept and find a way to use it, I could consciously pre-determine everything that would happen to me! Above all, I saw that I was responsible for everything that had happened to me, formerly thinking that the world was abusing me! And I saw that my tremendous effort to make money and then losing it was due only to my thinking; that I had been always seeking happiness, and thought that making money would do it. So whenever the business started to make money, and the money did not bring me the happiness I wanted, I began to lose interest and the thing collapsed. I had always blamed it on other people and circumstances, not realizing that it was simply my subconscious knowledge that this is not happiness which caused me to lose interest and that, in turn, caused the business to collapse. This was a tremendous piece of freedom, to think that I am not a victim of this world, that it lies within my power to arrange the world the way I want it to be; that rather than be an effect of it, I can now be in control of it and arrange it the way I would like it to be. That was a tremendous realization, a tremendous feeling of freedom. ~Excerpt from Lester Levenson Story

Let me conclude with the following: You are responsible for everything that you feel. It's your feelings; it's your thoughts. You turn them on; you think them, and no one else but you does it, and you act as though you have no control! You turn a faucet on your head and you say. "Oh, someone is getting me all wet." It's you who's turning on the faucet and getting yourself wet. So your direction has been, remains, and will be, take full responsibility for what's happening to you. ~Lester Levenson (from the book Keys to Ultimate Freedom)

Ramana Maharshi:
The world does not exist in sleep and forms a projection of your mind in the waking state. It is therefore an idea and nothing else.