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Thread: Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

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    Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

    "I interviewed a Red Cross worker in Dallas whose name escapes me at the moment but I have her report in my files. She told me she was sent to NYC by the Red Cross to help survivors of the WTC. She said the thing that most stuck out in her mind after interviewing dozens of people was the number that told her of looking back and seeing people engulfed in some sort of fireball and disintegrating.
    Obviously, a collapsing building cannot produce such an effect. But a mini-nuke shaped charge placed in the basement to blow out the central core columns could. A small nuclear device could also explain the pyroplasmic cloud seen above the WTC, the disintegration and warping of heavy steel beams and the pulverization of so much concrete, not to mention the blood cell cancer now suffered by some of the first responders".'

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    Re: Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

    That's an interesting theory. So, what's the idea here? That the terrorists placed a bomb in the parking garage underneath the WTC before going up in the planes? After seeing what I saw that day, nothing would surprise me.

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    Re: Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

    I would guess that this is more a conspiracy theory that the US government was involved-the claims have been frequently made. I think though in this case, with the temperatures involved (because of the burning jet fuel) that anything is possible.

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    Re: Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

    With the amount of jet fuel in there and temperatures hot enough to melt steel, human flesh didn't stand a chance. It's not surprising that people would have been burned instantly.

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    Re: Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' on 9/11

    Jet fuel is designed to burn cold and quickly but Nano thermite is extremely explosive and runs extremely hot..............ricklbert

    911 was a collaborative of several UN based countries that stood to make trillions from this single event triggering a fake war on terrorism.........ricklbert
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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