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  • Is it possible to remove 6tazman6haze6 off of the list he has changed to schmikey24 he tried to log in with the other one but he could figure it out he's a real burn out anywho talk to ya later.I will be opening a post box this week for a return address......ricklbert
    i am still waiting for a response from Alex Jones but if you ever listen to his show live , everyday Roba listens and he says copy it and hand it out to as many people as you can the live cast is free if you want to listen for your self...ricklbert

    Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
    Judging by no response my guess is that you do not want to charge anything for these vids which is completely fine with me i even can keep up with Roba's side of things financially he has had some turbulent times economically lately. so i have no problem taking up his me later.......ricklbert
    Roba has suggested that we charge for shipping only, if this is alright with you let me know. He stated to me earlier in the grocery store that Alex Jones has a section on Prison Planet stating to download it and distribute this at will.we will look a little deeper into this matter before proceeding further.And if you think we decide to charge for shipping we can set up a box number on my end as well as your end i would prefer to try to not charge for any thing for now if at all possible but if the load gets to heavy change to a shipping charge. to send this in Canada if under 99 grams it is about 1.50 CND this is not to much for me at this present time... please contact me if you have any query on this....ricklbert
    Any way to pm you without any body seeing the password for the ........ricklbert
    Hi how are you today i am thinking to make the name of this hotmail, if you think this is good then i will go with it i would like to know if we could make a separate section on this web page showing what is available as well would you like to do certain shows and me and Roba could do others and we will all have access to this hotmail via username and password tell me what you think and run it by lady of the light and let me know thanks......ricklbert
    What's up? pretty crappy weather here on the sunshine coast and temps are lower than usual.......ricklbert
    How are ya today they are thinking of Nationalizing the City Bank here is the true start to globalization. I checked out this CBC broadcast you posted a while back listed under (The new rulers of the world)only Canadian programing would be so bold to show this on TV unfortunately there has not been many shows about this subject since this program in 1999.
    Very interesting site this reminds me of a post called the secret covenant thanks for the link.ricklbert later
    Thank you, it's been a difficult couple of weeks, and not everything is settled yet.
    Iam very sorry to here this, i apoligize for not getting back sooner i have been very buisy posting on this site.
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