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Has Ben Fulford been replaced by a clone or a lookalike?

March 6, 2012
The Truth is Uglier and Crazier Than You Think: Infiltration of the White Hats and a Benjamin Fulford Lookalike


I am a former operative of a group of operatives world-wide affectionately called “The White Hats.” We are a consortium of former and active intelligence operatives from all alphabets, Yakuza ninjas and assassins, expert computer hackers, military officers, former off-world soldiers, undercover agents in drug cartels, Hollywood producers pretending to be something else, adult entertainment moguls, religious clergy, journalists, authors, fifth-dimension humans, and regular people with extraordnary connections. Our initial mission was to battle the New World Order/Illuminati controlled by Santanic cabalists the reptilian overlords from destroying this beautiful planet and to systematically murder billions of human beings.

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