1. R

    Iranian diplomat saved 2000 Jews from the Nazis

    The Zionist-controlled media will never tell you that while the German Jews and Zionist terrorist groups (Stern, Lehi, etc.) collaborated with Nazis - more than 100,000 Jews were saved by Turkish and Iranian diplomats in France. Several Muslims in France, Albania and other European countries...
  2. Denise

    "Paleo" Nutriton Blogger faces Jail and loss of Amendment Rights

    Freedom of speech? Surely, you jest. This man got diabetes. He started a blog on treating diabetes. He broke the law by doing this. He is not licensed to promote such opinions. He promotes the so-called “paleo” diet: low carbohydrates. (The diet is not “paleo.” It’s capitalist. I have...
  3. Denise

    Caffeine is good for your brain

    They are saying coffeine is good for us now..... Isn't it funny how often "bad" habits turn out to be good ones? Just look at caffeine in general and coffee in particular -- for years we've been told they're to be avoided. I've even heard of people calling on caffeine to be regulated like a...
  4. Denise

    Collapse of the Astral Realms

    By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone April 14, 2012 Collapse of the Astral Realms by ZS Livingstone (April 14, 2012) Work by The Aetheric Resistance, Franz Erdl, Martina, Tim Hicks and many others is aiding in the clean up of the lower astral realms. The lowest four steps of the fourth dimension...
  5. Denise

    Removing The Toxins From Our Body - Cilantro Pesto Said to Remove Heavy Metals

    I found this while searching the Internet for ways to cleanse the body I thought maybe this would interest others on this forum. There's nothing I like more than learning about inexpensive, common herbs or spices that exhibit unusual healing properties. Historically, the use of herbs and spices...
  6. 100th Monkey

    Labor Peer Lord Ahmed Offers Reward for Capture of Obama and Bush!

    It seems Lord Ahmed has been suspend by the labor party for putting a multimillion dollar reward for the capture of Obama and bush. Lord Ahmed, a controversial British, peer has been suspended from the Labour Party amid reports that he offered a £10 million bounty for the capture of President...
  7. T

    Treatment of anger

    Anger, negative thinking and stress are considered destructive factors for the health of heart and body, So Islam orders us to stay away and avoid them ... The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him wasn't be angry to any life matters. His satisfaction and anger were for Allah. He, therefore, was...
  8. New UFO Hunter

    Butch Witkowski UFOs And Human Mutilations..!

    Butch Witkowsk is the director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. He and his team have been investigating of UFO and abduction and human mutilations as well as the cattle mutilations. Butch Witkowski UFOs And Human Mutilations Art Bell Ufo Abductions and Human Mutilations...
  9. R

    German Nobel Laureate: ‘Israel is threat to world peace’

    Germany’s most famous author and Nobel literature laureate (1999), Polish-born Guenter Wilhelm Grass (born 1927), in his latest poem, “What must be said“, published today – has claimed that a “nuclear Israel and not Iran – presents threat to the world peace“. Gross poem calls Chancellor Angela...
  10. Denise

    Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

    I really like this guy's quotes, so electrifying:
  11. T

    Miracle of the creation of the embryo

    God said: (((11) Who will inherit al-Firdaus. They will abide therein eternally (12) And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay (13) Then We placed him as a sperm-drop in a firm lodging) believers 11-13 And the Almighty said ((5) O People, if you should be in doubt about the...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - The Bloodthirsty Bloodline

    not too long ago the majority of us would've found this to be hard to believe:
  13. 100th Monkey

    Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012

    March 11, 2012 RELATED: Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed RELATED: Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming RELATED: British Corporation Mass Murdering Ugandans in UN Sanctioned Land Grab Angelia Jolie openly works for the UN and CFR pushing...
  14. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke interviewed by Jack Blood - 6th March, 2012 Researcher, author, speaker: David Icke joins Jack Blood for Part two of this fantastic epic interview… David tears into Jesse Ventura, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart. David then goes deep down the rabbit hole to discuss...
  15. R

    Lobby: ‘Hungary hates Jews but supports Iran’

    In 2009, Israeli president Shimon Peres had boasted that “Israel is buying out Manhattan, Poland and Hungary“. Later, a western website claimed that three million Jews with US-Israel dual citizenship are going to flood Hungary which already has western Europe’s largest Jewish community...
  16. Denise

    Garlic kills cancer

    This man states that he'd a cancer growth in his underarm and the daughter told him to consume a clove of garlic clove each week to cleanse his blood. With disbelief he eat the entire bulb anyway, the following day he observed he'd no pain or discomfort anymore. watch the videos for more:
  17. Denise

    Duncan O'Finioan Interview - Ground your Soul whilst in the 'Rabbit Hole'..!

    New Interview With Randy Maugans February 26, 2012 at 2:18 pm (Interviews) From Duncans Blog... We did an interview with Randy Maugans of Off Planet Radio last night. For those of you who were waiting to hear about Crowley and the survival training and much, much more … this is an...
  18. Denise

    Why do couch potatoes live longer than athletes? By: Dr Joel Wallach

    I thought this was very interesting: Have you ever heard about professional athletes dropping dead on the field? According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, 100,000 youngsters, as well as pros die each year from cardio-vascular disorders as a result of sports -THIS IS TWICE THE...
  19. Denise

    A New Vision Unfolds ~ Greg Giles ~ February 27, 2012

    Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/27/12 Your new paradigm is being created through your interactions throughout your online social networks. This was the vision decided upon by those who design and build new worlds throughout this universe. You have been told all along that...
  20. 100th Monkey

    We Want Your Soul The New Video

    "If only MTV played songs or videos like this...the world could be a better place. This is a music video damoninsky edited together for this crucial song by Adam Freeland. Lyrics: your cellphone, your wallet, your time, your ideas no barcode, no party, no ID, no beers your bankcard, your...